Akuko the Devilette (Disappeared)

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Akuko the Devilette (Disappeared)

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:37 am

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Puella Magi Hunter
Residence: Roaming, Unknown
Height: 150cm
Weight: 73lbs

Magic Power B
Gem Threshold A
Agility B
Mentality E
Luck C
Signature Move A+
Battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqDukhlhphU&feature=relmfu
Inner Insanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LCqE5-QitA&feature=relmfu


Before she was exposed to the truth...

And how she reacted.



Cute grin?

"U MAD?" face

Personality: Not much is known about her prior to her loss of sanity. However, according to Hizuki, she was just like any other girl, if not a bit more shy and closed off.

After discovering the truth of Puella Magi, a raw nerve was struck within her, and she underwent a process of mental stability that would become irreversible. She became a twisted, sadistic and cruel individual who lives off the pain and suffering of others; especially from those closest to her. She reveled in the feeling of triumph when she edged a girl to the point where their soulgems would burst and become grief seeds. She undertook a somewhat overzealous perspective to the creation of Witches from Puella Magi; she dubs it as "fulfilling their deepest desires". Whether she herself thinks this is true justice, or whether its a mere mockery of the way the entire system remains to be seen.

Despite her cold, ruthless nature, she is also intelligent enough to decide when it is appropriate to set her own differences aside; e.g when fighting a common threat such as the Walpurgis Night. However, immediately after the conflict concludes, she will revert to her own selfish ways; with force. Because of the nature of her power, she is also a very vaguely spoken person, often speaking in a mysterious, distant tone to put off others. This also makes her hard to track judging by the things she says, and it's near impossible to try and coax information out of her. The best way to persuade her is to simply overpower her; given the right circumstances, this isn't as hard as one would think.

Weapons: Double-headed Kusari-gama "The Miserable Bindings"

It is attached to bindings inside her wrists, but she can conceal the weapon. The chains can extend to limitless distances, and she can manipulate every bit of the weapon, even when it is extended. Binding another Puella Magi in the chains allows her to damage them, as well as "equalize" the states of both of their soulgems. This is how she maintains her gem without grief seeds. The chains also emit magical energy constantly when active, so even being near them can be crippling. Of course, this effects Akuko as well. As long as they're active, it will drain energy from her and keep her in constant pain, but she has most likely become adjusted to the pain. Whirling the blades around can create deadly maelstroms of energy, and slicing them in the air can create projectiles.

Akuko's power has been a topic of great controversy and debate. She openly states it's this or that, but it seems that her true power is the ability to completely change her own identity. This links in her with her wish, in that she could technically become "the best" in terms of copying the person who really was the best. As long as she has seen the person eye to eye, she can transform into them and create a flawless doppelganger, right down to the very strand of DNA. All that is different is the mind occupying the body. Her copying abilities can also copy personalities for increased performance of clones, however this damages her already fractured mind, so she doesn't do this too often. If she were to copy too many different personalities, it would lead to a mental breakdown that would inevitably turn her into a Witch. So most of the time, she resorts to acting.

Hobbies and Talents: Other than tormenting other Puella Magi and killing innocents, she is a surprisingly good actor and a good swimmer too; prior to insanity, she was in the swimming team for her school. Because of this, she is also a good athlete and can perform all types of mind-boggling acrobatics due to her flexible figure.


Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Red wine, Tomato Juice
Favorite Animal: Owl
Favorite Music: Metal, Goth
Favorite Color: Red
Soul Gem color: Crimson
Symbol: A shape resembling a crow's claw; like the shape of her pupil
Witch Kill Count: Unknown
Wish: "I wish to become the ultimate Puella Magi!"
Time as Magical Girl: More than 2 years

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