Mukuto Nijishira (Disappeared)

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Mukuto Nijishira (Disappeared)

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:26 pm

Mukuto Nijishira

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Dish washer/Lunch lady/Puella Magi
Residence: Lives above a ramen bar; the Willow Tree Bar
Height: 150cm
Weight: 82lbs


Magic Power A+
Gem Threshold C
Agility A
Mentality C
Luck B
Signature Move B

Personality: A naturally hard but rude worker, she always likes to do things her own way in her own time. She doesn't like taking orders and she doesn't like people who mock and make fun of her. She tends to act aggressive around a lot of people, especially those who are strangers to her. If they get passed that, she will still be somewhat belligerent towards them but will often offer kind and supporting words, and even stand up for them every now and again. However, her friends are few, so this is seldom seen.

She can be very tsundere. She doesn't like showing her true feelings to people; not even her close friends, and tends to react with harsh words and sometimes violence despite looking flustered. However, she eventually grows weary of thsi attitude and can eventually give into her feelings. That is, if the other person doesn't give in first.

Energetic and stubborn, she never backs down from a challenge, but all too often bites off more than she can chew, which lands her in many situations which either require her to apply brute force to justify herself, or reliance on others to restrain her and pull her back. She is like a very angry Rottweiler on a leash with a timid owner on the end. However, whenever she is satisfied and happy, she likes to involve others in the festivities which she does. This can bring consequences as well, however.

Weapons: 2x Triple-barreled pistols with scope attachments

Abilities: She has the power to manipulate and generate light particles. This means she can form projectiles and objects out of them, create flashes of light and illuminate any part of, or all of, her body. She creates bullets of light which function as a near limitless supply of ammunition for her pistols (the limit being her soul gem capacity). She can also create walls to block attacks, flashes to disorientate, glows to illuminate and even certain objects to suppress and restrain (such as ropes and seals). The main use she has for this power is to create lasers of super-concentrated particles from any part of the light spectrum (mostly Infra-Red and Gamma rays). She creates energy from a part of the spectrum depending on the purpose (she sometimes uses Microwaves to cook her food). Another capability is she can create a "steed" made of light and ride on it, being able to travel at high speeds (though due to extra weight, nowhere near the speed of light).

Her signature move consists of simply firing a whole array of lasers and projectiles, accompanied by a "main component" which is a large focused beam of light at the center of the attack. This ability is powerful and covers a wide area, but expends so much magical energy (not that it is an issue for Mukuto's self-generating supply). Due to the amount of destruction it can deal, it is seldom used. It is also unreliable, for while having a wide range, one of decent agility can easily weave through the myriad of attacks.

Hobbies and Talents: She likes to make ramen. Some see it as a job, but she genuinely likes to do it. She is also a professional thief and burglar, often stealing from other people and their homes. However, she only keeps minute amounts of what she steals; she gives the rest to poorer citizens by leaving it on the front step of their houses or beside their beds as they sleep, often leaving a letter before or after saying that she is a "guardian angel".
She also likes to read into occult mysteries and mythology, probably to try and figure out where Witches come from. She likes gardening and is quite good at running track and high jump.


Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Drink: Pocari Sweat, Ginger Ale
Favorite Animal: Toucans
Favorite Music: Techno, Pop, Jazz
Favorite Color: Amber
Soul Gem color: Orange-Brown
Symbol: Star
Witch Kill Count: 8
Wish: Unknown..As of yet.
Time as Magical Girl: 2 weeks

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