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Martin Harris

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Sir Martin Harris, big-game hunter

Full name: Martin William Harris
Age: 43
Race: Human
Bloodline: Locrian
Gender: Male
Occupation: State-employed hunter, member of the Yldean knights
Residence: Sgt. Emeric's Road 26, Valstred, Locria
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 87 kg

Martin is a strong and agile man, and it is easy to identify him as such. As an experienced hunter and fighter with plenty of experience, it is no surprise that he has a few scars, but they have not marred his appearance much - at least not in places where it shows. His face is adorned with an impressive moustache, and he keeps his hair neat, though for practical reasons, his hairstyle is such that he won't get bothered by it if he has to stay out in the wilderness for months at a time, far from any hairdresser.
He generally feels comfortable wearing all manner of clothes, but he feels most at home in simple clothing, such as a grey shirt and a pair of black pants, and at home, he usually wears such clothes.

In a job such as his, where he makes a large difference for small societies, a deep sense of responsibility is imprinted upon him, whether he wishes so or not. While he was brought up in a wealthy family where basic needs were always cared for, his long years spent as a hunter gave him a broader perspective of the world around him. Furthermore, as a businessman, he has learnt to find healthy compromises, never wasting resources to have things done precisely as he has specified, but also never afraid to act. As a hunter, he kills with respect for life, but once his prey lies dead, he is not afraid to make use of it - be it for trophies, of which he has many, or resources. In most aspects, he is a very practical man with little taste for nonsense, but he does allow himself some luxuries - as befits someone of his standing.

For hunting his usual game - that is, the biggest, meanest and most brutal monsters near the frontier - he uses a large-caliber rifle, lately modified to be able to launch magical crystals as projectiles. He has a large collection of weapons, however, and he also carries a finely crafted sabre with him, for those occasions his rifle just won't cut it. Whenever there are developments on the gun market, he is quick to try them out. As a hunter, armour is not preferable, so he normally goes hunting in clothes coloured to match the terrain around him, crafted to be sturdy and ensure he doesn't freeze.

Magic affinity:
Martin is a surprisingly strong magician, though he uses his magical skills very rarely. Some wizards suspect this is due to having spent so long time at the frontier, and his generally good fighting power otherwise. Whatever the reason, his magical affinity allows him to draw upon magical energies to sustain himself when he would otherwise starve; anyone familiar with the magical arts will tell you that is a generally bad idea, with magic being as strong as it is on Elne. Nonetheless, it is a useful skill to have in an emergency.

Martin has always lived in Valstred; he is the first and only son of his parents, William Harris and Annabelle Westinghouse-Harris, though he has a sister who lives in the city as well. Growing up as a carefree and privileged child, he knew little of the hardships of life outside the city, until his parents brought him along to one of their many trips around Elne. Martin saw green pastures, tall mountains and wild rivers, and immediately fell in love with the lands he saw; a love that would later spark his career as a hunter. As a youth, he did what young men often do - courting the young ladies in his social circles - but none of them shared his desire to travel the lands and see the wilderness firsthand, and when his parents attempted to get him into an arranged marriage, he refused, wanting the freedom to come and go as he pleased.

When he was merely 18 years old, he left home, striking out on his own. Travelling to the north, he soon found himself in the small village of Ellesmere near the frontier. Seeking work, he turned down many offers for jobs within the village; instead, his youthful recklessness led him to take on bounties on monsters in the wild, and armed only with a long rifle, he began a career as a bounty hunter. It quickly turned out he had a talent for taking down dangerous foes, and as he took down successively larger monsters, he also gained the skills to survive. His skills were such that villages nearby soon started requesting aid from the enterprising young bounty hunter, and Martin happily accepted.

For years, Martin carried on as a bounty hunter, travelling across the frontier and never settling down. He often sent post cards home to his parents, who initially disliked the thought of their son doing something so primitive, but they developed a grudging admiration for his work, especially as they came to realise he did something very productive for the outlying societies. Martin started returning home regularly again, to see his family, and because he gradually tired of never having a safe haven to return to; nonetheless, it would not last long before his wanderlust came upon him again, and he left for the frontier.

In his 31st year, during a visit to Valstred, William told him he intended to hand his share in the steel mill to Martin. William had accumulated a small fortune through that mill, as the demand for quality steel kept growing and the railways allowed it to sell to customers further and further away, but he was now looking at retiring and buying a nice countryside house he and Annabelle could live in. Martin and his sister, Bethany, were to inherit the mansion in Valstred. At first, Martin was entirely uninterested in this proposal, as he had already amassed a small fortune of his own hunting monsters and selling their corpses, but he decided to visit the mill and see what it was like. Unsurprisingly, he was appalled by the working conditions at the mill - he certainly worked in dangerous conditions himself, but there was a difference between fighting for your life against massive beasts, and working in the hot forges for many hours a day. When he got home, he had changed his mind - he would take the share in the steel mill, and use his part of the ownership to improve conditions there. There was, after all, nothing keeping him from travelling to the frontier to continue hunting, even if he had to attend board meetings at the mill. Bethany also sold her share of the mansion to him, as she had married into another upper-class family several years ago already, so Martin was left as its sole owner.

In the past 12 years, Martin's private life has changed little, other than him slowly becoming a renowned person in Valstred's upper-class society, particularly after he was inducted into the Knights of Yldeon, formally recognising his long and tireless work to protect the frontier from monsters. While he pays the title little heed, he is a valuable resource to the Knights, just as they are a valuable resource to him; on occasion, he has assisted other knights on missions along the frontier, which he knows better than many.

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