NEW CHARACTER: Evelynn Moorville-Harris

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NEW CHARACTER: Evelynn Moorville-Harris

Post  Octie♥ on Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:09 am

Age: 18

She acts strongly. She wants to be better than people (though which people she refers to is undefined). To do this, she casts aside feminity and often displays tomboyish behavior, often choosing to hang out with guys more than girls; she may have even developed a complex to avoid other women completely. She is stubborn and always acts head-strong. This is "complimented" by an unusually weak physical body, which often leads to injury despite her strong claims. However, on rare occasions, her willpower does grant her a somewhat strong physique to deal with. She also hates other people standing up for her, and will do whatever she can to maintain her pride. She also likes to act tough and is often gullible because of this; if you threaten her pride with something, she will often do anything you say to uphold it.

History: Coming soon-ish.

Talents and Quirks: She is an acceptable singer, and she likes cooking too (often her dishes look horrid beyond belief, but taste like a piece of heaven). She also very skill in games/puzzles of logic, and is skilled at origami and sculpting. Despite the weak physique, she likes to swim, but not professionally so. Is a glutton of sorts for sugary foods as well. In contradiction to her pride and headstrongness, she is terrified of spiders, total darkness, heights and ghosts.

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