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Name: Nagato Nishibeppu (西別府 長徒)
Age: 17
Birthday: December 30th
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Residence: Shimokitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
School: Chitosegaoka Gakuen Joshi High School
Height: 149cm
Weight: 50kg

It's Useless-Chan!

Want some BukuBuku~?

Style shiftu!

-Energetic: This defines her the most. She is almost never out of energy. She goes from 100% to 0% when she sleeps, and right back up to 100 when she wakes up.
-Friendly: She is friendly to a lot of people, perhaps a bit too much so. The people she will dislike the most are those who waste things, but even then she tries to pull the best out of them.
-Dense: She is about 50% dense. She doesn't lack too much common sense though she has trouble reading the animosity of others. Thus, people at school who try to mess with her, like bullies, she thinks they are just trying in their own way to be friends.
-Determined: She has ludicrous amounts of DETERMINATION. Once she has set her mind on something, she will do everything she can to achieve it... by achieving it, we mean a way that she sees as a success, so not necessarily always a success (read: useless).
-Imaginative: Her imagination is a huge factor into a lot of what she does, and the way she acts revolves around whatever she can come up with, despite how unrealistic it can become. Take caution when agreeing to her shenanigans.
-Misinformed: Because of her interest in the internet, she reads a lot of dubious things and believes in them. She isn't gullible when it comes to what people say to her directly, but if it is said on the internet, she will take it seriously. Like that eating weeds off your driveway makes you better at math.

Interests & Talents:
-Internet Culture: She is an amateur when it comes to internet culture, though enjoys it greatly nonetheless... even though she doesn't under a lot of its connotations.
-Anime & Game Culture: She also plays (sucks) at video games and watches a lot of anime. She is that one fan who gets into a series for all the wrong reasons.
-Cosplay: She likes to cosplay, as an extension of the previous thing.
-Track: She is incredibly good at running, and was once the ace of the Track Club. Not so useless! However, she was kicked out for running off into the unknown.
-Interesting Things: Anything that piques her interest is worthy of investigation.

-She calls soda "BukuBuku"s, because of the sound the bubbles make.
-She was named Nagato because of the prefecture and it is written as "Leader of the Party". Fitting for her! However, her parents missed the alternate way of reading it...
-Her hair is brown during Winter, and turns more pinkish during the Summer. She calls it a godly phenomenon.
-She changes between three hairstyles randomly: ponytail, twin-tails and loose.
-She is the president of the Go-Home Club.
-The type of person that will blurt out an idea at the most random time and then pursue it.
-She will speak "engrish" a lot too.
-Can activate "NAGATO MODE!"


Favorite Food: Yakisoba
Hated Food: Natto
Favorite Drink: Melon Soda
Hated Drink: Coffee
Favorite Animal: Bunny
Favorite Music: J-Pop
Favorite Color: A lot of colors!

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