Kunika Nijishira

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Kunika Nijishira

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Kunika Nijishira

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Diagnostician/Puella Magi
Residence: Her own residence in Tokyo city
Height: 161cm
Weight: 91lbs

Magic Power C
Gem Threshold B
Agility C-A++
Mentality B
Luck B
Signature Move C

(PS styles vary a lot. Please bear with me, it's difficult to find images for her)

Puella Magi/Work

More realistic style (She tends to have the heart eyes on a constant basis)


Personality: Spunky and mischievous is what defines her casual mood. She often likes to mess around with peoples' feelings and thoughts through word and body play. She also enjoys twisting around the hormones in their body to give entertaining expressions. She could be seen as a sadist, but she's just a naturally bored person. Despite this, she is actually a very down-to-earth and mature person who takes her job seriously and takes other related duties seriously as well. She also has little patience for those who actually don't take anything seriously, and is a very hard and devoted worker as well (she once worked a straight 72 hours to save a patient using her powers, but ultimately failed). Under the veil, she has a very complex personality that has been affected by the medical industry a great deal.

She likes playing the role of a senior, to offer advice to those underneath her and guide them. However, she doesn't make this apparent and chooses to cover up the fact that she enjoys it. She doesn't look down on others seriously either, since she fully understands the differences between someone who is inexperienced in something, and someone who is experienced in something. She likes to create rules that are to be followed, and enjoys watching others uphold the rules she makes. Some may refer to this has being a "control freak". In some cases, this can be true, for at times she will think she is the only one who knows how to do anything.

She rarely gets depressed. Or rather, she rarely shows her depression. Not much is known about what conflicts like deep down in her psyche, but whatever is being hidden is being hidden relatively well. No matter what conflicts she has within her mind, she is a very straightforward and competent person who can get jobs done. But beware her when she becomes bored; she is very dangerous when seeking amusement.

Weapons: 2x Large scalpal blades

Abilities: She has the ability to manipulate the natural hormones within human bodies. She can do this via touch with other individuals. While she can trigger pretty much anything through contact, upon breaking contact, the effects will only last a matter of moments before the body reverts to its natural state. Her power could be referred to as a "stimulent", and since it is amplification of existing substances instead of introducing foreign substances, most of the time it doesn't have adverse side-effects. The main uses she makes out of this power is increasing the output of muscles in the body (essentially increasing stamina and strength to superhuman levels) and regeneration effects (she can accelerate growth within the body, a method of healing that requires less magical energy than conventional healing). There are other, minor things she can do with her power (such as increase a person's sexual awareness), however many of this uses are trivial and have situational/recreational uses.

She doesn't really have a signature move. The closest thing she has is the "Miracle Boost", which accelerates all activity in the body for a short time. This effectively increases all attributes relating to physical prowess, as well as mental prowess by strengthening the brain. Because she is a magical girl, she can regenerate the side-effects of such a power, but extended use of it shortens total life-span. Use of it on non-magical beings is forbidden to her, since the after-effects would almost always be death from over-performance.

Hobbies and Talents: Due to her wish, she has immense medical knowledge and expertise, earning her the title of a prodigy in the industry. She knows many cures for common diseases and disorders, and can usually diagnose a condition even with but a single symptom to base it off. She doesn't play instruments, but she enjoys cooking in her free time. She is also a very good public speaker, since she often gives out medical lectures. She has basic business knowledge, in terms of managing employees and schedules at work. When she can, she also enjoys gardening. She has a flower and herb patch in her backyard.


Favorite Food: Tofu, Prawn Fried Rice
Favorite Drink: Peach Juice
Favorite Animal: Rabbits
Favorite Music: Modern Pop
Favorite Color: Pink, White
Soul Gem color: Pink

Witch Kill Count: Unknown
Wish: Unknown
Time as Magical Girl: 2 years

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