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Post  Karthusin on Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:05 pm

Name: Craetoris
Evident Sex: Female
Occupation: Ruining peoples' day
Affiliation: Unintentionally ruining the world while she's at it
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Devious Fairy Supreme Cy7oMTN

Craetoris has been around the past couple of centuries generally ranging from exceptionally pleasant or exceptionally unpleasant depending on who runs into her. Snatching herself the title of "Wicked Witch of the East" due to her supposed 'birth'place, the woman has been the cause of death for many a wizards, looking to expand their powers in ways which included a tiny, unimposing fairy. Unfortunately for them however, this particular woman would only feign vulnerability, before devouring them altogether herself.

Developing a taste for the wicked, much like herself, she now commonly wanders Kayre, indulging in the unsavory whilst playing pranks on the innocent. Her most common form is that of a mature woman, though she shapeshifts at will to suit her purposes. Sometimes as tiny as a moth, other times as massive as an ogre if not more. This has led to her garnering the attention of people who'd just about had enough of her sense of humor, but given her carefree nature, one can assume that any attempts to have her slain have had little success. On the other hand, she has done a good job of ridding atleast a small portion of the scum of the world, so her unintended efforts there have had somewhat of a positive effect on the world and she'll make sure to remind you of her many good deeds involving the mangled remains of people more unpleasant than her..

- Is said to be the one behind various monstrous appearances all across the world. If the one she takes up regularly isn't enough to frighten little boys and girls.
- Believed to be an ill omen. Practically is, even without her magical abilities as she tends to attract a bad crowd.
- Lovers galore. Half of them filling the graveyards. The other half staying in bed for days, after what is commonly regarded as an 'exhausting night'.
- Fond of ballroom dancing. Lots of people to be found, abusing taxpayers' money.

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