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Fiolina Medici

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Character Data

Name: Fiolina Medici
Age: 12
Birthday: December 25
Eyecolor: Purple
Haircolor: Blonde
Height: 143cm

Background: Fiolina was born in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, south of Florence. Her father, Firenze, is a computer engineer, while her mother, Oriana, is an accountant.

When Fiolina was 10, Fiolina's mother, bored of her current life, left Fiolina and Firenze behind and sought excitement somewhere else. The consequences on father and daughter were immediately apparent. Firenze failingly tried to leave the memories of the love of his life behind by becoming a workaholic, while Fiolina, watching his suffering and wanting to soothe it, developed teleiophilic tendencies and became attracted to him, never daring to confess it out of self disgust. She dived into religious devotion to try and restrain her paraphilia as best as she could.

To try and get farther away from Oriana's memory, Firenze accepted a job offer in Denmark and traveled there with Fiolina. They spent 2 years there before a new world opened all of a sudden for them both: The world of magical girls.

NOTE: These pictures are approximate references, not completely exact.


Meguca outfit reference

-Secretly self-hating

Hobbies: Cooking, singing, reading the Bible

Favorite things:
-Food: Tagliatelle carbonara
-Drink: Water
-Animal: Dove
-Music: Sacred
-Color: White

Magical Girl Data and Soul Gem:

Magic: Fiolina's magic is focused on healing and buffing. When fighting, she uses a staff with a celtic cross on its tip and rays of golden light that it can shoot. Her staff can somehow extend, as well.

Superattack: Ars Magna Fulvan - Fiolina's staff turns into a huge celtic cross that fires a golden cross-shaped deathray, annihilating everything in its path.

Color: Yellow
Emblem: A celtic cross.
Location: On her ribbon.
Witch Kill Count: One.
Wish: "I wish that everyone in this room be healed and made stronger"
Experience: Newly contracted.

Witch Data:

Regular Themesong: Moonlit lute
Battle Themesong: Pardoner's Dance

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