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Raelyn Cullen

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Character Data

Name: Raelyn Cullen
Age: 17
Birthday: August 27th
Eyecolor: Blue
Haircolor: Blonde
Height: 169cm

Background: Raelyn was born in Lisburn, in the Ulster region of Ireland. She lived there for around three years before her father had to move to a new location due to work conditions. Since then, she has lived in Madrid, Spain.

Life was simple, and Raelyn and her family were happy. But alas, it didn't last. When little Raelyn was 5 years old, the Madrid train bombings happened, and, according to official documents, her mother was among the 193 people that died in it, as well as her aunt. Her corpse, however, was never found.

Flash forward 12 years. As part of a student exchange program, Raelyn has traveled to Denmark and met a girl her age named Linda Miller, daughter to long time friends of her parents. What adventures await them? Could they end up involved in some kind of thrilling mystery, or dangerous business? Will they find true love?

Turns out, the answers to those questions are: A lot, and not all of them pretty; Yes; And yes. The adventure is a magical tale of hope and despair sitting on the balance, the mystery they got involved into was the truth behind her mother's death, and... Well, obsessive love is true love, right?


Meguca outfit reference:

-Has a bit of a violent side

Hobbies: Running, camping, cooking, playing videogames, watching anime

Favorite things:
-Food: Lasagna
-Drink: Coke Zero Zero
-Animal: Bunny
-Music: J-Pop
-Color: Blue

Magical Girl Data and Soul Gem:
Magic: Raelyn's magic allows her to become stronger in the face of challenges. Whenever some kind of hardship impairs her in any way, her power increases to make her able to face it.

She wields a sword, Caliburn, and a shield, Avalon, as her weapons.


Avalon - Aegis of Unconquerable Will: By planting Avalon in front of her, Raelyn can extend a magical shield that can resist physical and magical attacks, including those that affect the mind or the soul.

Excalibur - Sword of the Morning Sun, Vanquisher of the Dark Night: When Raelyn combines Caliburn with Avalon, they can turn into the hilt of an enormous blade of light that tears through anything foolish enough to stand in the way.

Color: Yellow/Golden
Emblem: A shield
Location: Hair decoration
Witch Kill Count: None yet
Wish: "I want to always have the strength to protect Linda and my friends, no matter how big, scary or vicious the enemy!"
Experience: Newly contracted

Witch Data:

Regular Themesong: A Blurred Scene
Battle Themesong: Sword of Promised Victory - Caliburn Remix

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