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Industrial staff twirling action

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Name: Keira Tarrelond-Ashe
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Yldean
Age: 16
Occupation: Heiress
Height: 158cm
Weight: A proper lady never tells



Most physical stats are unusually high for a young girl of her status. Shows signs of intensive physical training. She possesses magical potential typical of all Yldean humans, but this potential has remained thoroughly untapped for the most part.


General knowledge:
Keira is the daughter of Gregory Tarrelond-Ashe and his wife Amelia. Gregory is an Yldean burgeois with a bit of renown to his name, and owner of a steam engine manufacturing firm, Tarrelond-Ashe and Associates.

When asked, Keira will tell that she has been home schooled by some of the best teachers money can buy. From very early in her life, discipline has been her bread, day in day out. As his firstborn, Keira would inherit most, if not all, of what he possessed, and to be able to properly manage it, she had to grow into a person of excellency, greater than any ordinary man or woman.

Now, during her teen years, her life is even more tumultuous, since on top of her training and education she has started to show up in her father's public meetings. The little free time she has available is spent practicing staff fighting and amusing herself via entertaining a potential suitor or two, before ultimately finding some kind of gross flaw in them and mouthing it out to her father, who would promptly render them unworthy of his daughter's hand. She has little time for friends, and is very wary of those who may attempt to earn her trust for the sake of taking advantage of her father's considerable fortune.

Easy difficulty lorecheck:

Medium difficulty lorecheck:

Over 9000 difficulty lorecheck:

-Is Keira really a girl? It's often rumored that 'Keira' is actually a boy who identifies as female. Openly mentioning that in front of her or her family is a good way of getting a stern talk full of disapproval, however. Or, if you're unlucky, a smacking.
-It seems that she also has a liking for hair dyeing and stylism, since she has sometimes been seen with brown or black hair, as well as with different hairstyles.


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