Tyrican warrior culture

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Tyrican warrior culture

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The honour of death

This rather peculiar ideal for Tyricans is the way they describe a good way to die. Achieving the honour of death is another way for a Tyrican to speak of a dignified and meaningful death. This is tied directly into Tyrican culture of introspection and self-awareness, something they believe sets them apart from Adrilans.

Tyricans rightly believe that the fear of death is something inherent in every living being, and that it drives them to great lengths to preserve their life. However, every creature has its limits, and the greatest honour of death one can achieve is to die in a situation where dying holds more purpose than clinging to life. Tyricans greatly value their self-insight, as this allows them to determine when they have reached the limits to what they can do, and thus, when they have reached the critical moment where they achieve the honour of death.


When Tyricans prepare themselves for battles of great importance to them, be it to the nation or to themselves, they traditionally put on warpaint. They believe that the warpaint draws upon the attention of a god, and that this god may grant them a blessing, aiding them in battle one way or another. This has manifested in many ways before; demigods have appeared on the field of battle, warriors have gained tremendous power, some single-handedly bringing the battle to victory, only to be found dead once the dust has settled, struck by a stray arrow or stabbed in the back by a desperate foe. In a sense, this ties in with the honour of death - putting on warpaint is a signal to others that they are prepared to die for the cause of this battle.

Tyrican warpaint comes in many patterns, and different patterns can be combined if desired to convey a message to their enemies. The pattern of bloody murder is ever a popular one among bandits and brigands, whereas combining the patterns of honour and death is one often seen on knights and warriors expecting to die. The whole practice of applying warpaint specifically to announce they seek the honour of death, however, is one frowned upon by experts - that honour comes when you least expect it, and in some cases it has led to fighters dying to foes they may have overcome, had they not been actively seeking death in combat, thus ultimately diminishing their honour.

The patterns themselves are known widely throughout Tyrica, but few outsiders know them. Colours matter, but the basic patterns, no matter how they are elaborated upon, remain simple and possible to apply by hand, even if knights and wealthy fighters have specialised painters apply the patterns for them with expensive brushes and paint designed to stay on, even if the fighter in question gets sweaty and bloody. It is a good way for field commanders to identify certain fighters' purpose in battle, and give them special orders accordingly.

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