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Name: Georg Kazhovsk
Gender: Male
Occupation: Fallen Knight/Former Rebel
Affiliation: Formerly Bravoria, currently seeking Adrila
Heght: 2m10cm
Weight: 90kg unarmored/100kg armored

Georg Kazhovsk Ba12VsM

Background: Georg is an intimidating man. Even among his old countrymen, he was huge, exceptionally strong and fit and his personality suited him, being a harsh and unrelenting man with a lot to say on many topics. This is namely what welcomed him as one of the most esteemed knights of his kingdom. Even so, he did not see eye to eye with many of them, whom valued their fortunes over the well being of those who served them. When Orgonia's onslaught began, Georg was, like many, hesitant on which side he actually wanted to join. But the further he observed the oncoming tyrant and how he subjugated minor villages, the more his opinion was swayed. He joined the fray when it came to the various sieges, always piled up corpses at his feet but was ultimately defeated not once but three times in every battle, simply unable to hold back the tide of zealots that sought the annihilation of his home.

Georg eventually relented, not even seeing to the protection of his king. He retreated to the mountains with a band of militia and established a rogue group that would proceed to be a thorn in the newly established governor's side for years to come. The knight raided the orgonian supply caravans, slaughtered garrisons with only a handful of people and served to inspire the subjugated nation. But what is left unsaid is his ultimate failure to rally them when the population rose to oppose their new overlord. His pride did not let him permit that this was his own failure. Subsequent rebellions were crushed due to his poor leadership and while heavy dents were made in Orgonian rule, they were never quite enough to wipe out the forces being sent to reinforce the region. Many citizens died, others converted and that many went into hiding, just waiting to plant the seeds of rebellion anew. But subconsciously the man knew he had failed them and as such chose to leave Orgonia entirely and allow those more competent to take his place. He was a fighter, not a leader. His hopes lie with the future generation to see to establishing the kingdom anew.

He now travels to Adrila and has recently went past the mountains, seeking an audience with the King. He comes in peace and seeks to become a member of the adrilan knights.

- Intimidating presence
Georg's very presence is enough to shake lesser men to the core. His stern one-eyed gaze holds many battles behind it and that is very noticeable among others.
- Great Greatsword expertise
The man wields an exceptionally large and sturdy blade that many would struggle to lift, let alone swing. A match for tyricans to some extent.
- Exceptional martial prowess
Georg is unbudging and especially deadly. He can easily take on many opponents and come out unscathed. Rather, the wounds would be there but it would be as if he hadn't noticed them. The knight fights with absolute ferocity and is unrelenting
- Blind hatred
Add in everything above and raise it up to 11 when fighting orgonians.

- Great Greatsword
- Padded, ornamented plate armor
- A floppy, feathered hat
- A flute
- A book of his country's old tales

- Good conversationalist if you can keep up with him
- Good flutist
- Kind-hearted towards the common man
- Surprisingly weak to alcohol. Don't let him fall on you.
- Good singer

- Very little but the occasional orgonian might know of his spoils.

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