Tanks of the 401st

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Tanks of the 401st

Post  Karthusin on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:47 am

Morius' Leman Russ Battle Tank "Agathon's Iron King":

Customized with its own insignia as a result of its driver's free time, this tank does stand out from the rest in atleast that, making it a bit more recognizable than others. The tank has sustained a few years of warfare but does not come with any glaring structural issues. Sections of armor have been replaced, dried up paint from old camouflage can be spotted, but it remains in good condition. Most noteworthy is the blessing it has received, allowing its sponson guns to operate on their own, with the exception of needing to be reloaded if bolstering standard magazines. Its machine spirit is strong and in times of need the driver has been able to request an unconditional boost of speed.

Current equipment:
- Battle cannon main gun
- 1x Sponson-mounted heavy bolters
- Chassis-mounted lascannon
- 4x Crew lasguns
- 8x Crew gasmasks
- 2x tents and basic living necessities
- 20x ration boxes
- 4x shovels
- 6x medkits
- 2x Fire extinguishers
- 2x field repair kits

After Purification and Naming rites, the tank has bolstered armor protection on front, side and rear plating, as well as an emboldened machine spirit, allowing it to perform better in combat as well as withstand more fire.


Ahil's Leman Russ Battle Tank +++LOST IN BATTLE+++

Much like its veteran commander, the scars of battle on this tank are very noticeable. Its chassis appears worn out but oddly dauntless. The paintwork has been weathered completely and certain sections remain a charred black, incapable of being layered over. The most noteworthy thing about the tank is the personality it has developed over its many years of service. With the death of both loader and gunner, it has proven to dislike any attempts at having the fallen crewmembers, or any of its mounted equipment replaced. In the event that a new recruit, or a servitor, even a techpriest, has attempted to change something about the tank, it would prove especially rebellious and unwilling to move or function at its best.

Outside of that, however, it has automated the functions that these fallen crewmembers performed and bolsters the ability to repair itself, all the way down to being able to reattach its tracks. Stubborn but durable machine.

- Executioner cannon main gun
- 2x Sponson-mounted lascannons
- 1x Chassis-mounted heavy flamer
- 2x Crew Lasguns
- 8x Crew Gasmasks
- Tent and basic living necessities
- 10x ration boxes
- 4x shovels
- 4x medkits
- Automated fire extinguisher system

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