A peculiar painter

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A peculiar painter

Post  Karthusin on Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:19 am

Name: Aurore Caroline-Cremayn la Notre Dame
Age: 20
Nationality: French
Occupation: Painter
Residence: Paris
Birthplace: Notre Dame cathedral, Paris
Height: 1m68cm
Weight: 68kg


A renown Magus of the Clock Tower, Maxim Caroline-Cremayn is part of the Maluastea faction, with his family tracing back to the 15th century with its founding members said to have direct link to the King of France at the time. How much that is true isn't known for a fact, but few have really made a habit out of questioning the aristocratic lineage, given their prominence. To that end, Maxim was no exception, part of the archeology department. The man had his fair share of contributions, travelling across the world to Africa, South America and most notably his own hometown of Paris, at one point spending the better half of a decade tracing Napoleon's steps through Saint-Denis. 

When the years began catching up to him, however, the man realized his professional mindset had left him without a wife and child to continue his lineage. Desperate to create an offspring in his late 50s, he resorted to means of magic and manipulation to get women to consort with him and even further bolster his own abilities to bear children, obsessing over the need to pass history onto a worthy boy. But alas, such was not destined to be. Weak, malformed and even dead on arrival, many of his sons were left to die, deemed too far gone to survive, even less so to be potent magus of any kind.

The man resorted to an almost ritualistic process of having his last child, God have mercy on his sanity, be birthed at the back of the cathedral Notre Dame under special supervision and care from his most trusted disciples and the 'blessing' of the priest, thankfully on his side at the time. And so, on the dawn of the 31st of July, 1997, Aurore Caroline was born.

And while initially reluctant to have the one child born well and healthy be his heir, as a girl, the man had to eventually come to terms with it in her early youth. Having kept her hidden away in one of his apartments with a caretaker until that point, it was already a bit late to expose her to the world of magic, but it had to be done. Suffice to say, the following years proved taxing on both her mental and physical health but eventually it all came together, her capacity for magic unlocked, set to dictate the rest of her life. Only...

After her potential was unlocked, Aurore spent a good few years studying under the supervision of her father and his disciples. This took its toll on the girl in ways that furthered the problems caused by her forceful recruitment into the underground society of mages. A lack of social skills and wordly experience, furthermore distanced from her peers as she never formally attended school, Aurore took to a more artistic form of expression - painting. A great asset to foster her skills was the numerous properties owned by her Father across the world.

Aurore spent a great deal of travelling to different continents and countries, enriching her knowledge and furthermore garnering experience from artist that attracted her and lands that inspired her. Tutorage across many parts of the world led to a rich experience, and the continued nurturing of her magical talents ultimately led to an idea that Aurore keeps well hidden to this day - 

A grand vision in mind for the world. One that includes a painting that she had been working on throughout the whole of her life. An ever-expanding painting, more and more magical energy bestowed upon it with each visit, tucked away within a special workshop in the family villa at Saint Denis.
- Aspirations towards Reality Marble
- Excellent eyesight
- Excellent attention to detail
- Excellent hearing
- Excellent painting skills

- Drawing
- Stargazing
- Travelling
- Swimming
- Visiting performances

- Enjoys night time strolls
- Enjoys early morning strolls
- Enjoys visiting her retiring father
- Enjoys the dance floor
- Enjoys dating
- Enjoys eating. More than your average person

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