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Post  Karthusin on Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:37 pm

Name: Anna von Waall
Gender: Female
Occupation: House Assassin/Artifact Hunter
Affiliation: Kingdom of Khaerum
Heght: 1m79cm
Weight: 56kg

Anna von Waall B7W6Zg4
Anna von Waall KYbO5nn

- Long and keen twinblades
- A single-shot flintlock pistol of good craftsmanship
- Various throwing knives
- Special padded shoes, nigh soundless to those without keen perception
- An amulet with unknown qualities

Anna is a very professional woman, one that puts the job before herself. For a good reason too, as the head of her house is a less than pleasant man to be around when he doesn't get what he wants, to quote her. In spite of this, Anna is not unapproachable. The woman, outside of work duties, is a fairly approachable individual in spite of her rather menacing garb. She can be swell company with a fair sense of humor, and a relaxed demeanor. She is particularly good with children of most civilized races, and will go out of her way to help people in need if she deems that they are on the wrong end of their fortune. A fairly contradictory observation, considering the fact her work can be unrelenting.

- Supposedly engaged to a kinsman of a rival house.
- Supposedly named Anita in truth
- Supposedly responsible for various kidnappings and political murders
- Supposedly possesses an item with magical properties
- Supposedly capable of blood magic
- Supposedly good cook

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