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Name: Russelhague Vermillion Clarent
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Count
Residence: Vermillion Manor
Height: 190cm
Weight: -


Outgoing Coat

The Count of Vermillion Manor is first and foremost, a hedonist. There is no greater benefit than the pursuit of one's own pleasure in the world. Of course, having followed that doctrine his entire life, it started to shift when he grew bored of the privileged and secluded lifestyle he lived. At first, he could be called delusional, for he holds ambitions and objectives that know no limits. However, his burning passion and confidence can easily convince one to take him seriously, especially when backed up by his prowess. He believes the world revolves around him, and sees himself as a near-perfect entity, yet he holds a distinct disdain to being called "perfect", for he believes perfection means that he has limits. The tone he talks to people in makes one think that he looks down on everyone. In truth, it is a sense of distancing himself from "the world", so he can observe it all carefully. It is easy to get used to the way he talks, though it is often not good for first impressions. He can, however, change the way he talks and acts with great ease when it comes to diplomacy. Despite what seems like a severely twisted personality that focuses on himself, those who he feels are close to him, he will go out of his way to help them, even if they don't realize it. It can as simple as treating them to a meal, listening to their woes, or as radical as becoming their arch-enemy to empower them with motivation. All for the sake of allowing him to regard himself as a benevolent individual, for his second biggest personality trait is honesty. He wishes to become a ruler, a hero, a legend. Moreso than that, however, he wants to become the main character of a legend that involves many others; his friends and companions, as his sister had taught him with her death... loneliness is his one weakness.



The Count of Vermillion Manor is likely one of the most underrated geniuses of Kayre. He has prodigal intellect that have acquired him above-average capabilities as a magus. His capability to learn is astounding by any standard, for he also possesses mastery of mixed martial arts and weapon arts, taught to himself via books and scriptures, as well as using local bandits for "practice" (until all the bandits moved away out of fear). By the age of 8, he had written and submitted a thesis on the theory and applications of magical dispersion to several magical institutions, albeit anonymously via couriers. Due to its anonymous nature, the thesis was mostly overlooked as delusional. Years later, on the verge of adolescence, the Count developed the potentially most potent anti-magic algorithm in all of Kayre, known as "Alta Break". Due to his narcissism, however, only he and his deceased sister know of this world-changing hex.

Numerology: The Count's primary method of casting spells, he utilizes mathematical equations and algorithms to realize magical spells. In the hands of the average person, this type of method is incredibly unwieldy. Due to this advanced processing capabilities, however, it becomes one of the strongest methods of spellcasting. The main drawback is that the types of spells he can cast are limited due to the nature of casting, though the spells he can cast can be done in mere instances, allowing him to trigger them with simple movements. Repeated use of spellcasting for him, however, hammers on his fatigue considerably, so prolonged usage can tire him out quickly.

Alta Break: A complex algorithm only he can solve in such short time, one he has memorized to the point that not even death can make him forget. In all its complexity, it's a surprisingly simple spell in effect, that drives pure magical energy to a certain point in space, via coordinates. The basis of Alta Break is injecting a stream of magical energy into the focal centre of another spell. The amount of energy that is injected is not enough to cause catastrophic side-effects, so it is hard to detect. What it does, however, is it causes the magic to lose its coherence and disperse randomly, effectively disrupting the spell. As long as he can find the central focal point of a spell, he can disrupt it, no matter what it is. For a normal human, this would be very hard to use properly, however...

Clarent Blood Eyes: Before the Clarent Family faded into obscurity, their scholars were renowned for one thing: their eyes. A genetic trait of magical origin that dates back endlessly, the eyes of a Clarent can be activated at will to be able to "see" magic, effectively seeing into the realm of magic itself. Members of the Clarent family were sought after as magical detectives and investigators, for the eyes allowed them to see traces of magic, in case of spells being used for ill will. However, it also meant their eyes held great value on the black market as well, so many Clarent members were hunted for their eyes. Because of this, the family fell into obscurity for its own self-preservation, and as a result is on the verge of dying out. As of now, the Count of Vermillion is one of five remaining Clarent family members left in the world, his sister being the most recent to perish. The eyes themselves are characterized by turning blood red when activated. In usual circumstances, repeated and prolonged activation causes immense strain on the eyes; bleeding and loss of vision is not unheard of in members of the family. In some cases, they become unable to be turned off and the individual goes insane from perpetually seeing the magic realm. The Count, however, is a "one in a million child" that has high genetic compatibility with his eyes, and therefore can use them indefinitely.

Whimsical Tiger: A type of martial arts that the Count created and mastered himself. Therefore, he is the only known user of it in the world, for he has had no pupils. The martial art revolves around the concept of completely wearing an opponent down before delivering a single, decisive blow. On the surface, it seems like a completely defensive martial art, focusing on deflecting and evading enemy attacks. However, a major component of the art is mental warfare via one's body language and movements. The necessity of inflicting damage onto an opponent's composure, decision-making and understanding is paramount to the success of the martial art. As such, it could be said to be the ideal path for an assassin, though it is incredibly far from honourable. It can be used aggressively, in the form of feints and intimidation, and it all culminates in that single blow, which can be as simple as a finger snap to break the opponent's will, or a devastating palm strike to paralyze them. In the Count's hands, combined with the types of magic he uses, it makes him a deadly foe for any ordinary fighter, despite his slender appearance. However, due to the limits of his body, he would be unable to best more experienced opponents... with ease, anyway.

Various Spells: The Count uses very little offensive spells, due to his limited methodology. He focuses on manipulating the environment and manipulating his own interactions with the environment to gain an advantage. His most common spells include altering the centre of time within his own form. To others, this comes in the form of vastly increased agility and movement speed, as well as keen reflexes. The nature of his own magic is "tuning", so he uses algorithms to tune everything around him with numbers. This can be used for something as simple as creating a surface that repulses him, to something as complex as breaking down an object on a molecular level. Complex spells such as that, however, take much longer to accomplish and are impossible even for him on more advanced structures like bigger objects, or living beings. He can "tune" other people to limited extent. On lower MP individuals, he can use spells such as limited mind control and fear induction. In average MP individuals, he is only capable of persuasion and subliminal influence. In higher MP individuals, he cannot do much at all.

Copy Cat: As long as it doesn't conflict with his own magic's nature, the Count can actually replicate any other spell he sees just by witnessing it with his Clarent Eyes. However, he will likely only be able to cast it in a small timeframe within when he sees it, for he will forcefully forget that "unnecessary knowledge" to free up mental capacity for other things. He can replicate most spells, and in some cases he can even cast a greater version of the one he just witnessed. He dislikes doing this for anything but simple spells, however, remarking that borrowing the talents of others is not how he wishes to make himself known. He prefers to observe how people use their spells, after all.

Attunement Designations: In a modern sense, the Count has the capability to "program" his form with different loadouts of spells. While usually it would take a lot of time to prepare the spells necessary, he can compile all the sequences within an Attunement Designation, a type of scroll he invented for his own use. When activated, all compiled spells will take effect on Clarent, as if he cast them all at once. This allows him to instantly alter himself for different situations, for limited times.

Hobbies & Talents:
-Absurdly adaptive mindset (advanced learning capability)
-Above-average athleticism
-Advanced deduction capability
-Genius mathematical intellect
-Genius mental processing ability
-Mixed martial & weapon arts
-Avid player of the harpsichord and violin
-Can appraise valuables, especially artifacts
-Is a fairly decent cook
-Possesses vast amounts of trivial knowledge
-Can tailor, as long as he has the required tools

-Always speaks with a noble, haughty tone, due to his background. Can be especially unnerving for some.
-Often falls into bouts of silence when his mind is working, such as when he is "scanning" or thinking into a matter deeply.
-Likes to act dramatically, especially in dramatic situations.
-Is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. He usually only acts drunk, however, for he can seemingly snap back to himself in an instant.
-He is a white knight for pretty ladies.


Favorite Food: Sweetroll
Favorite Drink: Wine
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Music: A virgin maiden's voice
Favorite Color: Gold

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