Akutagawa Shiori the Hermit Shrinemaiden

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Akutagawa Shiori the Hermit Shrinemaiden

Post  Homu on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:32 am

Name: Shiori Akutagawa
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Shrine Maiden / Exorcist
Residence: "Charmed Forest" - Lonely Shrine
Height: 175cm
Weight: -


-Responsible and helpful

- 5 Swords, each with its own trait
-Kiriharau, the extremely sharp no-dachi, forged by a famous swordmaker
-Seisei, the exorcising katana able to cut evil, spirits and ghosts, but that which is not evil or a spirit, is unharmed. Phases through.
-Unawakened katana, sealed for now
-Rei, one of the twin lightning-fast wakizashi swords
-Rei, the other twin lightning-fast wakizashi swords

- Charms
-Magic Vent Charm: Acts as a vent for the magic flow in the target, sapping their MP and venting it away
-Slow Charm: Slows the affected target down. Stacks.
-Exorcise Evil Charm: Calls out Evil from the target.
-Ward Charm: Wards against Spiritual energies, including Spirits and Ghosts themselves. Stacks for greater deterrance.
-Displacement Charm: Switches the positions of two objects.
-Teleport Charm: Moves a designated object or person.
-Anti-Magic Charm: One-use charm, negates one spell used on target.
-Trigger Charm: Attuned to a charm, it triggers or something

- Martial Arts
-Defensive Hand to Hand techniques (Federation)
-Two-handed Sword proficiency (Federation)
-One-handed Sword proficiency (Federation)
-Dual-wield shortsword proficiency (Federation)

Hobbies & Talents: Taking walks and bathing are some of her hobbies. She has a nice singing voice, but doesn't sing.


Favorite Food: -
Favorite Drink: None
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Music: Traditional Federation Music
Favorite Color: Green

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