Gwynevere the Squire

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Gwynevere the Squire

Post  Mizu on Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:16 pm

Name: Gwynevere
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Profession: Squire
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63.5 kg

Str: 4
Dex: 5*
MP: 4
Con: 3
Spd: 5

* she shows potential for a level of dexterity of around 5, but she requires training
(I don't know how to use this table stuff)

Gwynevere has bleach-blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Her dress varies from time to time, but she never wears anything particularly interesting or eye-grabbing. Her only consistent dress is a simple, brown-beaded necklace that she wears even in her sleep - financially speaking, the thing is worthless, and if one were to examine her behavior at a glance, they’d most likely assume it was unimportant to her - just poor taste in jewelry.

Gwynevere is an ambitious youth from an undisclosed province of Adrilla - one often so scathingly sarcastic, that her youthful appearance would be the only thing differentiating her from the attitude of some crippled old woman dying bitterly alone in the woods to some incurable disease. She’s often quiet, but when she speaks, it’s often certain that the philosophy of “not saying something when there’s nothing nice to say” wasn’t one that stuck. She can warm to an extent around familiar faces, but then again, summer’s heat doesn’t exactly make the poles warm.

The only person she’s generally pleasant to is her knight, but it’s unsure whether or not that’s out of a sense of respect, or desire for personal gain.
[more to be discovered via RP]

Gwynevere values practicality over all else, and as such, her weapon of choice depends on the viability of its eventual application. Because of this, she likes to keep a wide spectrum of weapon skills that she can expand upon with experience - whether its the crassness of the mace or the grace of the sword, Gwynnevere will ideally choose her weapon after she’s properly ascertained the properties of her enemy (at least that’s what she claims). After all, she wouldn’t want something heavy and cumbersome for a quick foe, nor something small and flimsy for an armored one. That being said, however, she’s unable to resist the temptation of picking favorites: she’s unable to deny her fondness of sharp, pointy things - especially the sword - and holds equal love for greatsword and dagger alike.

Because of her fickle attitude in picking weapons, however, she’s quickly embarking upon the path of becoming a “jack of all trades” of sort - that is, someone who knows how to use many weapons without being particularly impressive with any of them. She often makes the excuse that she simply “hasn’t found the right weapon yet” to anyone who tries to remedy this, often sarcastically, and often much to their irritation.

Magic affinity:
Gwynnevere shows potential for magical ability, but she neglects taking an interest in honing any abilities she might have.

Traits and flaws:
- sarcastic and generally unpleasant to strangers
- can be manipulative at times, but not usually to any greatly malignant extent
- often likes to crack jokes and make pranks at other people’s expense, usually only for personal laughs
- recovering kleptomaniac
- potentially racist

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