A man's diary.

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A man's diary.

Post  Homu on Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:43 am

<Random Date, preceding the second Northrend Campaign>

Today I had a vivid dream. I remember very little of it. All I remember is that I wanted myself to write this down.
I must get to the bottom of this. I'll try to remember more of it.

<Several dates further>
I've got something strange in my head. A person, but I can't put my finger on anything about this person. Not even a face.

<More entries about his personal life, until>
A face. I need to write this down. Really. Next time I remember it, I'm going to sketch it on a piece of paper.

<As you browse further, more notes appear>
It is a woman's face. It is not someone I know. Is it somebody I have met once? It seems so familiar each time I wake up.
I'm going to paint it while I still remember it.

<You look around in the room, and see a crude sketch of a young elven woman resting against the wall>

<Further notes appear>
It's been weeks without the dreams. Have they stopped? What was it all about?
Addendum: I've had a nap and I dreamt again. There was a woman in it. We had tea. Why ? I don't remember.
I wonder if I'll get this much sleep in Northrend. My company is going there in a week, something about Icecrown, Angrathar the Wrathgate.

<A last note>
I wonder if this has anything to do with Northrend. Or maybe I really need to get laid? The unknown woman, is it just my desire for a beautiful elven lady?
What am I even thinking? I'm a soldier. I don't even know if I'll make it out of here alive. We're leaving tomorrow. I'll get some sleep, and move out.

<There are no further entries, except among the last pages some crude drawings of random locations, and faces>

<You close the book, and walk out towards a man>

"Allright, everything in here seems allright. Just send it to his next of kin. I'll give them the bad news myself. Damn these Forsaken... damn them to the deepest pits of hell..."

<You mumble>
"Guess his hunch turned out right..."

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