Fel'Astarad, the Empress' City

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Fel'Astarad, the Empress' City

Post  Octie♥ on Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:45 am

"Decades ago, the Empress of the Xillidi Empire imposed upon herself a trial of self-exile for reasons only known to her and her family. The beloved Empress disappeared into the Hallow Mountains alone, never to be seen again.

The Xillidi Empire would not take this news so easily. Many wept at the sudden disappearance of their almighty ruler, others blamed each other and civil wars started. The most devoted to the Empress' cause set a new objective for themselves. Rejecting the Empress' former orders, they ventured into the mountains in pursuit of their ruler, towing with them the finest resources and riches.

The Empress, wordless and motionless in her isolation chamber, refused to budge or even look at her followers. Their blind obsession, however, prevented them from being hindered by her lack of action. The devoted sacrificed their minds, bodies and souls to erect a monument; a city in the honor of their Empress, raised around her resting place.

Years of endless construction passed by, the devotees were little more than soulless husks working towards a zealous cause. But before long, it had been completed. Proclaimed as Fel'Astarad after the one who forwarded the operation, this holy city would stand as a holy site for many a pilgrimage in the Xillidi faith. Those who do make the venture are never to return.

Most believe those who make it are successful and ascend into the "Empress' Realm", but who knows what dark secrets this city of divinity holds?"

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