(Senjou-cho) The Streets And The City

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(Senjou-cho) The Streets And The City

Post  Homu on Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:53 pm

Confirmed stores/buildings:
-School (Meiyo High School)
-Small stores/supermarkets
-Shrine (Atsuishinkou Shrine)

City has a commercial district where the mall and other stores are.
There is an urban area with a park separating it from the commercial area.
Urban area has apartment complexes, one of which is where Kyung Soon lives.
The suburban area is further out and on the same side as the apartment complexes, going further out.
The city does not have much industry, instead being themed around commerce and residence.
No train station! Buses, Taxis, Cars and Bicycles are the main transportation.
The city has a short history, being built in the 70s.

Notably, the city has public toilets that are kept in shape (mostly).

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