Tokyo Prefecture Witch List

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Tokyo Prefecture Witch List

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:01 pm

The Ink Witch
Her Nature is Cunning.
Her minion is Beethoven. He creates lines of ink within the Witch's barrier.

The Sewn Witch
Her Nature is Puzzling.
Her minions are Cameron and Nathaniel. Cameron awaits on the ceilings, sitting in a hard to reach place, and they watch over the operations below, but are extremely ravenous. Nathaniel's job is to simply transport supplies around the factory.
"From within her peach (her favorite food), she manages a vast industry of doll production. They never turn out the right way though, so she burns them as they are completed. Despite only residing in her peach, she likes large homes, and therefore her Barrier is huge."

The Mummy Witch
Her Nature is Sadistic
Her minion is Iris. She simply watches the Witch's displays.
"She likes to perform for crowds, but not acts one would usually come to see. She relishes in the torment and pain of others. The devices of torture within her crypt-like barrier remind her of what she loves. She has an affinity for silver objects."

The Frog Princess Witch
Her Nature is Gluttonous
Her minion is Irwin. He maintains the quality of food for the Witch.

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