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Kelitha Skydragon

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[Important Character Information]
Name: Kelitha Skydragon
Nickname/Alias: Kelly, though no one uses it.
Species/Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
Homeland: Darrowmere Forest
Hometown: Stratholme
Age: Unknown; most likely reaching or allready in adulthood.
Hair Colour: Pallid white
Skin Colour: A very extreme pale, with a faint, almost grey tone, a little unhealthy looking.
Eye Colour: Her eyes have an slight trace of emptiness. They are colored in a nice, soft sky blue.
Voice: Her voice is a rather shy and quiet voice. She does not yell often. But if she does, she usually has a point to prove.
This serves as a good example of how her voice sounds. Ignore the clip.

[WoW Census Information]
Affiliation: Ebon Blade
Faction/Clan: Ebon Blade

[Optional Information]

Identification Marks: Her usual dark look
Siblings: Peregrine Skydragon
Parents: Unnamed Skydragon Laeron Skydragon
Demeanour/Manner: Quiet, prefers Undead People over the living.
Hobbies: Chess, causing mischief, being in dark, cold and silent places. Reading.
Languages: Thalassian and Common, Orcish not as good.
Minions: Constructs she raises. Edgar, A skeleton wearing a monocle, her skeletal Butler.

She has several things as equipment.
She has her staff, wich is surrounded by an dark aura at its crystal.
Then there is the wand, wich she calls Woestave
She also possesses an sharp and dangerous Scythe.
Besides that, the obvious equipment, such as Clothes, necromancer scrolls, spellbooks and the like.
Also possesses several daggers.

She is sickly pale. Her lips have a very faint, slight blue tone.
This is due to the blood sickness, and due to her being a Necromancer, both stacking up.
Because of it, she is sensitive to light and noise.
It is like a circle, the sickness causing her to avoid light, thus she gets no tan, so she is pale.
The Necromancer part strengthens the paleness further.
She mostly wears her full Necromancer Garments.
Otherwise she wears dark clothes, a shirt, pants etc.

In her Non Robe outfit.

Her Necromancer Raiments

Kelitha on her Skeletal Mount, a closer look on her face here.

Kelitha with her Woestave

When Kelitha casts as her Necromancer self(Not when in High Elven robes), she has her hands like that, just like Undead Male. Occult casting style.

Her old house before and after the Culling of Stratholme

Kelitha's Crypt.(Built by myself and a friend on one of the servers we were GM on some time ago)

She has a form of Hydrophobia, most present at deep waters.
Despite dealing with death and decay, she keeps herself quite clean.
At bright places, she visibly seems to dislike it.
Bright places sometimes make her feel snowblind.
Noises annoy her. So do living people most of the time.
She prefers Undead people because they do not do most of the, in her eyes, annoying things the living do.
An example, undeads are less likely to annoy her with hitting on her.
They also do not ask for things that often. They seem quiet, and minding their own business. Exactly what Kelitha likes about them.
She does not mind the smell, as she is a Necromancer, she knows it and can deal with it.
She does not fear Undead. Except the Scourge.


She was born in Stratholme.
Kelitha lived there and started to learn the ways of the Priest.
Over the many long years she lived there, she has seen many humans live and go old.
But one thing about these humans was always the same. The way they acted.
Most people did not see her in such a good light. She usually was seen during twilight, morning or evening.
Avoiding the daylight. This made many humans suspicious, obviously. Some even were creeped out.
So as she grew up, she's had only a few selected friends, while others cast her aside due to her looks and habits.
When her elven and womanly features started to develop more, however, she noticed people's attitudes changed ever so slightly.
She did not like that. Why did people suddenly act different? Was it fair?
The people cast her out, but then when they saw her like that, they tried to get on your good side.
Or, more bluntly said, in her pants. Or so she assumed in her paranoia.
No, she did not accept any false kindness, not even attempting to check if it was fake or true. So she stayed among herself.
Straying away into darkness. Perhaps her father joining the Cult of the Damned played a major role in this.
The rest of her history is quite shrouded. One day it happened. That day. The culling.
At the Culling of Stratholme, she and her brother Peregrine "Perex" Skydragon fled the City.
The parents staid back though. The mother died, and the father escaped with other cult members.
The influence of her Father being in the Cult of the Damned, led Kelitha to Necromancy and shadow magic.
Her Brother became a Frost mage, yet, he drowned in a lake, and Kelitha necromanced him, he is now a Forsaken.
This is the reason she fears deep waters.
Their ways split then and Kelitha took residence around Brill.
From there she explored the world and found another place, Raven Hill Cemetary.
She found it perfect for her and made a deal with Morbent Fel, the local necromancer there.
They shall live there in an coexistence as long they do not bother eachother.
One night however, by strange powers, she saw visions of many Deathknights reaching out to her.
The Lich King's voice called out to her while the Deathknights tortured her mind.

She woke up in shock and paranoid that the Scourge has her as a target, as she never aligned herself with the Scourge.
When she was tending to the crypt, she did not notice a Death Knight approaching the area. It was her father, who was out to re-unite the family.
He captured her with little effort, and rode off with her. However, on his way, he was assaulted, and she was rescued.
He escaped, to return some day, to take her again. It was there, where she found out that her mother is in fact the Death Knight's ghoul minion.
She wondered why she wasn't as crushed about it as she should be, and shrugged it off as a grotesque family reunion attempt staged by the Lich King.
Now paranoid, she decided to visit Shattrath, knowing the Scourge has no power there. But she started to feel uncomfortable in the "City of Light".
Althought, she has found a friend, too, and a minion, A forsaken. However, she tried to be fair, and treated him like a work partner.
Then the Scourge Invasion Two happened, stormwind was under attack. She was scared, believing they were out to get her, so she hid deep in the catacombs of The Slaughtered Lamb. Her minion  somewhere else roaming Azeroth.
She stayed there until she had to crawl out of the catacombs, discovering it's over, and northrend was open for public.
Somewhere between there, a few major other things happened aswell, including a nerubian high priest forcing her to build a skeleton army with him at raven hill, her escaping from his clutches, the scourge being all but pleased about it and hunting her down, sending a small strike force to the house she used, and her ultimately joining the Ebon Blade.
Stormwind noticed this, and a few people volunteered to help. They did know of Kelitha, and helped her fend off the attackers.

Zaarkis moved elsewhere after giving Kelitha a few lessons in improved Necromancy and somewhat became a tutor of hers.
Now Kelitha has her own little group of undead at Raven Hill. Certain people of Stormwind know of this and dislike this, however, Kelitha has talked to the King of Stormwind personally, warning him about a group of Cultists who tried to convert the Nightmare Dragon of the Twilight Grove into a frost wyrm, which failed. This has proven to the King that she is not a threat to his kingdom.
All in one, she is pretty much treated like any Death Knight would be.

[And this is where we are now. A few things went unspoken, as this bio shouldnt spoil the whole character, find out more in RP]

The items:
Kelitha nonrobes

Kelitha High Elf Outfit

If custom items possible, again, I do not know how you manage stats and if that even matters here in RP (like, beating up NPCs):
Item display ID:
Necromancer's Crown: 25243
Gloves: 10387

If possible, the following spells, since she basically will use Warlock Affliction spells, and barely any Demonology or Destruction spell(except Shadowbolt, shadowburn, shadowfury):

53640 (Unholy Blight)
36473 (Desecrate)
475 (Remove Curse)
64153 (Black Plague)
34363 (Fevered Disease)
18270 (Dark Plague. If damage and stuff doesn't matter)
30081 (Retching Plague)
16431 (Bone Armor)
51040 (spellpower. Unless NPCs are not aggressive and there is no PvE combat)

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