Ahri Himegami

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Ahri Himegami

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Ahri Himegami

Age: 18 (1000 years ago)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Old World Noble/Puella Magi
Residence: Various places accompanying Camilla, currently the Golden Chrysanthemum
Height: 177cm
Weight: 57kg

Magic Power C
Gem Threshold D
Agility E
Mentality B
Luck C
Signature Move D


Traditional Alt


Winter Wear

More Modern

Even More Modern


Personality: A girl from the past brought into the mystery of the future. She typically has the mindset of a noble Japanese woman from 1,000 years back, but she has adapted quickly from the influences around her in the modern time. She is polite, well-spoken and refined in many things she does, but is generally curious and indifferent to many things she is introduced to (e.g, phones, what would be the equivalent of peasant food nowadays, etc).

She can be fairly awkward and bewildered by modern marvels, such as phones and cars. Though the first experience is usually the only one in which she feels awkward. After one use of the phone, she is much more comfortable with them. The same cannot be said for cars...

She occasionally becomes down due to her being purposeless in this new age, but she usually gets over it due to those around her being more optimistic, and so she seeks to find a purpose for herself and continue living. She doesn't like to talk about her old family and friends, but welcomes conversation about Old World Japan, and the various traditions they partook in back then.

Weapons: Fan

Abilities: Her fan can be generated into a number of butterflies. The type of power is judged by color, and effectiveness is judged by amount of butterflies. When they gather, the effects come into play on whatever the focused object is.

White - Restores objects and potentially living things to a past state that is different to its present state. Has limited effectiveness on living things, no matter how many butterflies gather.

Red - Destroy anything caught within them.

Blue - Can carry objects.

Green - Can calm and pacify the moods of living things, most notably humans. Amount of butterflies empowers the charm.

Purple - Brainwashes anyone touched by the butterflies. The amount of butterflies changes the length of the brainwash.

Yellow - Can act as eyes for Ahri. They allow her to see things from incredible distances and remain anonymous. Only she can see the things they transmit.

Pink - Allow her to use clairvoyance to see into the future. More butterflies means more range into the future for the vision. She must be completely immobile to use this.

Orange - Can create seals that freeze objects and living things in stasis. The more butterflies there are, the longer the seal lasts. Only she can break it...

Hobbies & Talents: She used to be a mistress and a dancer in her time. Now that she's in the modern age, she still has her dancing talents but doesn't show them off. Though she does seem to have an interest in traditional clothing, and can play Go remarkably well.


Favorite Food: Mochi
Favorite Drink: Sake
Favorite Animal: Storks, Foxes (Kitsunes)
Favorite Music: Oriental
Favorite Color: Lavender
Soul Gem color: Lavender
Symbol: Butterfly
Witch Kill Count: Unknown
Wish: Unknown as of yet
Time as Magical Girl: 1000+ years

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