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Personal Reality - One-Shot Manga

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*Based of the Traces of a Dream Concepts*

Part 1: Introduction and Death

*Rin is walking on the street with friends, school uniform.*
*She smiles at her friends, then notices a person walking in the opposite direction looking at her with bright blue eyes, staring at her. She looks back..her smile dissapears. *

Rin/Narriator: The world is split in two, not by nation but by actions.
*They pass eachother*
Rin/Narriator: We live in a world where our actions are reflected in our eyes. A world where everyone is killed on sight.
Rin/Narriator: You may call it karma, good deeds give you a bright color, yet bad deeds give you a "darker" color.
*She tilts her head slightly to look in the corner of her eye behind her, the same man following.*
*When she looks foward again, she noticed a fist coming right through all the people towards her face.*
She barely dodges and the fist slides accross her face, all the people have dissapeared when she looks around again.*

Rin looks surprised.
Rin: A barrier? When did he?
*Rin looks at the girl, she also has bright blue eyes and now stands next to the male.*
Girl: What's a murderer like you doing with a school uniform?
Rin/Narriator: I'm Yanaka Rin, 19 years old. I'm what you call...

"A villain"

*A golden ring forms around Rin.*
*The blue eyed girl's arms and legs become wrapped in bandages that form around her.*
*The blue eyed man forms a large hat, with gloves and a large coat. *

*They charge at rin, rin grabs the left side of the ring with her right hand, and the right with her left. Once they get in range..she makes a cross slash swipe with her arms, from the ring two golden swords manifested in her hands. The two are cut down in a split second, rin stands victorious.

Rin: ...
*Rin cries.*

Personal Reality

Part 1: Introduction and death
Part 2: Social Life
Part 3: Revenge


Drawing of Reincarnation process
Drawing of Eyes-Karma System
Drawing of Hero/God souls system


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