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Ichiiba Murazaki

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Ichiiba Murazaki

Age: Doesn't talk about it, appears to be a 10 year old
Gender: Female
Occupation: Puella Magi/Scholar/Mentor
Residence: Agarashi Keep, located somewhere near the rural areas of Mt.Fuji
Height: 121cm
Weight: 68lbs

Magic Power A++
Gem Threshold A+
Agility E-C
Mentality A
Luck C
Signature Move E-A++


Personality: She is a wise, knowledgable yet arrogant person who more than often looks down upon people. However, this seems to merely be a trait that she has regardless of who she speaks to. It's really just a bad habit of talking in such a tone. She likes to explain things thoroughly, but isn't selfish enough to not respect the interests of others through simplifying her explanations of things. She often seems quite harsh when she's teaching something to someone, but the harshness is more effective than most conventional methods of teaching, as she knows this herself, so that's why she doesn't change the way she mentors people. Despite the cold demeanor she seemingly has, she is a very motherly, caring figure who is always willing to help those in dire need, but can only help them if they're strong enough to resist her coldness. She doesn't hold sympathy for those shallow and weak enough to try and sway her from her methods.

Despite the very mature attitude she has, she constantly displays childish tendencies, due to lack of adult hormones within her own body. This includes, but is not limited to, tantrums, whining and getting absorbed into little, fun things such as games and activities. She also only takes child-sized portions of food. She tends to react bitterly when confronted and teased about this side of her, but never is provoked enough to actually take action.

In fact, she is very responsible around her own magic use, and the overall topic of magic as well. She knows all about how Witches are formed, and often denies to move onto the topic of how she reacted when she first found out. This could be due to her not wanting to talk about, or simply because of her bad memory. She has a habit of forgetting minor things, but always remembers things she deems important enough to memorize solidly.

She rarely shows her sorrow and sadness, due to how she knows how the gems work. Instead, she shifts the grief into doing other things. Due to her child-like mindset, the grief is easily overcome by being distracted by other things. This is how she developed into a workaholic with a short attention span if the matter doesn't interest her. Strangely, for a child, she shows signs of OCD as well. When it comes to becoming angry and throwing a tantrum, she'll often spout things she doesn't mean to say and constantly will break stuff that has no meaning to her, just like a bratty child would do. If she hits a limit, she will probably misuse her powers as well, but she often disciplines herself enough not to. She has tempered her own gem, however, so it would take immense amounts of stress and depression to bring her down despite all the negativity she may show at times.

Weapons: She has no real weapons, rather she has tools that aid her. She has a tome that started out blank. Over the course of her long life, her mind was too meager to contain all her memories, so her tome became her bank of memories relayed from her very mind. She can't remember things from it remotely, but will instantly remember accurately when she looks it up in the tome. To minimize the space within, she often uses single keywords or sentences which are usually enough to trigger flashbacks, but she sometimes likes to write entire entries. She can easily find it if lost, but if it were destroyed, part of her mind would break down, potentially putting her on the road to insanity as well as Witchification.

Her other tool is her very hat. The hat is animated and seems to have it's own free will, but it represents her subconscious (which she is still unaware of). It doesn't talk, but often displays emotions in accordance or opposition to what she feels. In fact, it often displays the emotion she truly feels deep down rather than what she herself is showing. The main utility of "Greymalkin", as she has named it, is that it can consume Grief Seeds like an incubator. By doing this, Ichiiba can find out everything from the memories of the Witch/Puella Magi contained with the seed, at the cost of destroying their soul in the process. She is unaware if there is a way to bring girls back, and has spent all her decades of existence researching into it. She can also utilize the memories of the seed to empower herself, which links into her ability.

Currently, she usually covers up the hat's appearance with large assortments of ribbons and accessories. It's unknown why she does this.

Abilities: She has the power to copy other abilities she absorbs from seeds that she consumes. However, she has limited space in her mind to register these powers and often finds herself erasing powers she loses interest in, but keeps ones that have the most utility.

Her powers at the moment are as follows:

Clairvoyance - Allows her to watch the actions of a designated person through their eyes, however she must meditate to do so, and she must have had eye contact with the person at least once.
Pyromancy - She can use all kinds of combat-oriented fire element spells.
Ghost Eyes - Gives her X-ray vision on demand, allowing her to see through objects in different ways (she can adjust which "layers" she sees through).
Telekinesis - Allows her to use psychic power to lift and move objects.
White Magic - She can use all types of healing spells.
Alchemy - She can change the elemental properties of objects.
Magic Dampening - She can emit an aura which weakens magical effects of other girls, but is very expensive in gem energy. Rumored as one of her first powers.
Animation - Allows her to animate objects or a collection of objects to do a set order (cannot carry out multiple orders).
Phantom Host - She can render her own body intangible and pass through tangible objects. Reduces temperature of whatever she passes through. She is also invisible to the naked eye.

Hobbies & Talents: For hobbies, she merely enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, especially things she hasn't read before, but she doesn't mind re-reading things she has read before. She also likes inventing things with whatever she can get her hands on. She doesn't mind technology, but is unfamiliar with it. Regardless, she ends up using technological things in her inventions.

She also likes watching television, dubbing it the "magic box". Mostly cartoons are what she watches, but she also likes documentaries. The poor reception in her keep is a constant issue she wants remedied. Most of her spare time is taken away however due to business, which includes researching on Witches and other Puella Magi, taking care of Puella Magi in her care and keeping lookout for very serious matters that may spring up, such as Walpurgis Night, and vile Puella Magi.
Because of how busy she is, she doesn't go out a lot unless it's on business. However, her head maid Narcisa often encourages her to get out more.


Favorite Food: Pastries of all kinds
Favorite Drink: Milk, Green Tea
Favorite Animal: Rabbits
Favorite Music: Classical
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Soul Gem color: Purple
Witch Kill Count: Countless.
Wish: Unknown, she doesn't even remember.
Time as Magical Girl: A very long time (confirmed over 4 years)

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