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Shin'Ichi Endou

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Shin'Ichi Endou

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Part-time Student
Residence: The Endou Mansion (currently Kunika Nijishira's residence)
Height: 166cm
Weight: 119lbs





Personality: Calm, collected and mature for his age. He often impresses many people with how calm he can remain even during the most heated of arguments and situations. He is very intelligent and logical, especially when the situation calls for it, and mostly puts his head to good use at such times. He does enjoy being tactical in his advances, and is quite calculative as well. However, he rarely shares this wisdom with others for he is a relatively shy and quiet person, in contrast to his maturity. Often times, he will solve problems before anyone else does, but only share his views once someone else has come up with their own solution.

He has a complex in which he never wishes to be the most important person in a matter. Rather, he puts everyone before himself, and often times will do things that benefit others at the cost of his own resources. However, he is not needlessly stubborn and reckless, and knows when to sideline himself to avoid causing further harm to those he cares for. He can be fairly hard to approach because of his silent and mature demeanor, which can easily be mistaken for coldness. It's because of this he has a limited circle of friends to hang out with.

There are many reasons on why he has developed like he has. One thing we do know is that he is immensely serious when a serious situation arises, and tends to adopt a business-like attitude in serious situations. He also has a solid form of manners and is very disciplined in many of the things he does. Despite this, he can be clumsy and often will make mistakes when trying to appease everyone he cares for. Regardless, he only tries to do what is best for everyone despite his own hardships.

Hobbies and Talents:
Apart from hanging out with his small group of friends, in whatever spare time he can scrape up, he enjoys reading newspapers or watching the news. He also enjoys reading novels about mysteries and paranormal activity, but restricts this to reading. He only watches the news on TV. He has a laptop which he uses from time-to-time for browsing things on the internet and playing music, but not much else. Recently, he has started using to store data on Witches and Puella Magi in hopes of aiding his friends.

In terms of other past-time activities, he likes to brainstorm his own ideas for novels (though he hasn't actually started one yet), he is good at creating music using software on his laptop, and is also a fairly decent player of the piano. An unseen talent of his is that of cooking. However, because he has little motivation to do so, he seldom cooks for himself, let alone other people. He usually just prepares ready meals. Also during time at school before the Puella Magi business, he was a member of a mixed martial arts club and a kendo club, but has since left behind such activities. The talents still lie within him, however.


Favorite Food: Ramen, Chicken Wings
Favorite Drink: Beer, Diet Cola
Favorite Animal: Panthers
Favorite Music: Classical, Modern Rock, Ambient
Favorite Color: Yellow-green

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