Saki Matsuo

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Saki Matsuo

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Saki Matsuo

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student/Kendo Trainee
Residence: Tokyo
Height: 142cm
Weight: 79lbs

Magic Power C
Gem Threshold C
Agility B
Mentality D
Luck A
Signature Move B


Swimsuit (Minus the slight bust)

Personality: Prior to becoming a Puella Magi, she was an optimistic, active and ambitious person who loved what she does and in general enjoyed life. She is the perfect person to go to if one wants to be comforted with hope and vigor, and is always willing to try and reach out to make new friends. There are times when she will become agitated with things, though these moods are rare and saved for the most pressing issues. She also rarely becomes depressed unless something utterly shocking and terrible has occurred (Think "End of the World" type material). She was your general optimistic human being.

Ever since making the contract, she has become full-time optimistic happy go-getter. Just as active as before, if not more, she takes joy in spreading happiness everywhere and anywhere. However, she rid herself of grief and sadness upon making the wish, and becoming incapable of feeling these, her other emotions have spiked in impact. For one, she remains incredibly happy and carefree no matter how perilous or dire the situation, which some could mistaken for ignorance. The other side is anger; she rarely became angry before, and it remains this way. When she does get angry, however...The magnitude of the hate, anger and fury that emanates from her rivals that of some of the angriest beings of all time. Shit goes down when she's angry, and Puella Magi, as well as civilians and Witches, in her vicinity should take extreme caution to avoid setting off these dormant warhead of emotion.


Abilities: She has the power to cut anything with her blade, and has vastly improved agility and reflexes. This is simple in its own right; the quirk she created when she made the contract was an unusual one that made her unique from other girls.
Because she couldn't feel grief anymore, the darkness in her gem has an adverse effect; whenever in Puella Magi form, an invisible doppelganger of herself is present at all times that initiates attacks before she does. Essentially, Saki handles the defense of herself, and the doppelganger does everything offensive. This gives the illusion of Saki having godly, inhuman reflexes and capabilities, when really its another entity entirely performing the actions. The power of the doppelganger is represented by how dark Saki's gem gets; the darker it gets, the more potent the doppelganger becomes. The darkness in her gem is also represented as specs, rather than dimming darkness. However, she can still turn into a Witch. Her power is a high-risk high-reward strategy that requires precise and careful maintenance for optimal results.

Hobbies & Talents: She has a passion for kendo, among a few other sports. However, Kendo is her prime specialty. She loves to practice it and often enters local tournaments. She also used to practice violin, but a Kendo accident made one of her hands unsuitable to practice it anymore, so she sacrificed more time to practice Kendo instead. The passion isn't a pressure-driven one, for her parents are barely present at her home. She also collects antique blades and has an affinity for pandas.


Favorite Food: Takoyaki
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew
Favorite Animal: Pandas
Favorite Music: Classical, Pop
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Soul Gem color: Aqua-Green
Symbol: Half Yin-Yang Orb with a sword in it
Witch Kill Count: 5
Wish: "I wish to never feel grief, sadness or despair ever again!"
Time as Magical Girl: Recently contracted

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