Brave World - Forum Rules [READ THIS IF FIRST TIME]

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Brave World - Forum Rules [READ THIS IF FIRST TIME]

Post  Octie♥ on Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:06 pm


The entries in this section are relative knowledge to the players in RP. Since everyone does a little bit of GMing here and there, we will all be making our own little plots here and there. This is not a place to note them down, make your own notes of them elsewhere.

The purpose of this section is as a "journal" type of database for the RP as it progresses. Things about the characters, what they see and experience, etc, will be documented here as it occurs in RP. This means all the information seen here is subjective based on how far the RP has progressed.


A character profile should only appear here once it has debuted in the RP. Each player is only allowed one MAIN CHARACTER. All other characters are either Secondary Characters or NPCs. This is mostly for organization purposes.

Stuff in a character's profile should only be stuff pertaining to what has been revealed about them in the RP. For instance, if a character is shown to be easily excited and friendly then you can write about this and describe it in detail. However, you would omit reasons for why they are like this (such as past events or experiences that contributed to this) or other personality traits they haven't exhibited yet. This applies to most aspects of the character's profile. General statistics such as height, weight, age, attributes and such can be outlined from the get-go, as well as a basic summary of background and character ideals. Ultimately, it's up to the player how much they reveal about their characters at the start.



These should be purely subjective. When a new area is discovered, it will be put into this section and then described with basic details and common geographic knowledge about the area. Specific knowledge and such about the area needs to be explored and inquired about within the RP before it can be added to this location's page (such as what the area is famous for or identifiable landmarks).

This also is not a place for overall information about an entire country. It should only be the areas that the main party has entered. For instance, if the party enters a village in Adrila... you wouldn't add "Adrila" as a location, but rather the village itself (or perhaps the local area if it has a name). Adrila will simply be listed as the home region of the area (if this is known to the characters).

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