Repertory of spells

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Repertory of spells

Post  Kali on Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:04 am

This post is a repertory of all spells that have currently been discovered by a character, as well as spells that are known to exist, and potential ideas for spells. These spells will be listed in alphabetic order. Some spells will have their chaotic words described in details, others will not. Feel free to make your own. The main rule of thumb for spells is, the more sentences in a spell's chaotic words, the more powerful it is.

*Black Grip: (Drains the life force of a designated target. Undead targeted by this spell are strengthened.)

*Death's Hand: (Instantly slays the target unless they possess the willpower to resist it, and shatters their spirit in such a way that they will come back as ghosts with various derangements and hatred for the living without fail)

*Exorcism: (Banishes a demon or a restless spirit back to the Netherrealm or to the Well of Gaia)

*Fireball: (Conjures an explosive ball of fire and sends it towards a designated target) "Source of all power, flame that burns with crimson light, gather in and smite my enemies with your might"

*First Aid: (Speeds the target's natural healing rate up to heal wounds) "Blessed hand of God, breath of Gaia, I pray to you both, come to me, make your infinite compassion flow through and deliver from pain."

*Grand Red Wave: (Conjures a large wave of fire)

*Illumination: (Makes the caster's focus emit light) "Light of the heavenly host, banish the darkness around me so that I may not fall into despair."

*Lord of Vermillion: (Makes a ray of light fall from the heavens, right onto the target. Especially powerful against creatures of darkness)

*Meteor Strike: (A less powerful version of Meteor Storm. Conjures a single meteor to collide against an assigned target)

*Meteor Storm: (Conjures meteors to collide in a designated area. Considerably destructive) "The end of the world has come upon us! May the sun turn black and the moon be dyed in blood as the fulgent stars fall from their place high in the sky and crash upon the earth! King that watches over the great emptiness! Lucent lord of the cosmic void! I ask of you, hold the stars in your hands and make it so!"

*Magnus Exorcism: (AoE version of Exorcism)

*Recovery: (Stronger version of First Aid. Draws lifeforce from multiple sources to cure the target's wounds. More serious wounds are healed first. Undead targeted by this spell are instead weakened)

*Resurrection: (Brings back a recently dead person back to life. Their death must have been something other than natural causes, and must have happened less than a day ago. Undead targeted by this spell will be instantly destroyed unless they manage to resist it)

*Rune Breaker: (Wards an area against spells for around 3 hours. The more mana spent, the larger the area. Weaker spells have a chance to ignore the ward) "Oh, great god of runes, writer of the words of the will of the most high, place your sacred symbol on the ground beneath my feet, may it be warded from the forces of Chaos!"

*Rune Shield: (Wards a person against spells targeted at them. Ward will hold a certain number of spells, dependant on amount of mana spent, then vanish. Weaker spells have a chance to bypass the ward) "Oh, great god of runes, writer of the words of the will of the most high, envelop me with the symbol that marks your victory over the Great Threat, may it safeguard me from those who wish me ill!"

*Storm Breaker: (Calls forth a cataclysmic lightning storm in the surrounding area) "I, who stand embraced by the bosom of Gaia, the Great Mother, command thee, light that shines like the radiance of the Heavens, thou, who could smash open the gates of the Underworld! Come forth, wrath of Gaia, Furious Lightning! Come to me and snuff out the lives of my foes!"

*True Sight: (Allows the caster to see things made invisible by magic, as well as magical energy and auras in movement, with their bare eyes) "Hand that writes into the book seated at the Tabernacle of Omens, grant sight beyond sight to my eyes."

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Re: Repertory of spells

Post  Homu on Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:19 pm

some notes for myself (dont read too much into this)

Dargor, the Black Shadowlord of the Dark Mountain
Naroth, something
Vankar, Demon Lord
Elnor, something positive
Nekros, first of the Necromancers

*Obscuring Snowstorm: (Calls forth a snowstorm in the area that the targets are immune to) "Naira, oriel tarna. Majestic winds of the northlands, protect our heroes from the deadly Naroth, cover their tracks with snow and rage on with all your fury. Naira carna oriel nirnaan."

*Evil Spell: (Does something really terrible) "Necros, dagma, atra, krona. Necros, dagma, atra, krona. Necros, dagma, atra, krona." Repeated Chanting.

Metal Magic

*Spellname: (Effect) "Words of Power"

Astro Magic

*Spellname: (Effect) "Words of Power"

Phys Magic

*Spellname: (Effect) "Words of Power"

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