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Eleanor Rigby

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Name: Eleanor Rigby
Evident Sex: Female
Occupation: Maid
Affiliation: Whoever's hired her
Bloodline: Falcrest
Age: 14
Height: 1m40cm
Weight: 55kg



Eleanor was born in a small village in the Elnean countryside by the name of Burwell. Born to the well-off Rigby family, Eleanor spent her childhood amongst kids in her local school whilst her father moved to and back from the citizens, working as a barber and selling his much esteemed ''Thomas Rigby Shaving Essentials'' to the more aristocratically inclined who judged the quality of products based on their price tag and presentation rather than content. To that end, Eleanor never had to go through any financial hurdles and could predominantly focus on practicing various musical instruments, dancing and, occasionally, scoring well on math tests. An outgoing girl, popular among her peers in Burwell, she had many friends but also enemies within the less wealthy, whom she didn't much associate with due to their impoverished conditions.

At the age of 12, she was fooled into wandering into one of the nearby forests as a part of an elaborate prank, having been told that her boyfriend at the time had some kind of surprise for her. Not having much in the way of second thoughts, she wandered on in. A week later with a police search party having made a thorough effort of finding her, her family had prepared for the worst when there was finally a knock on their door at the dead of night. Presuming it to be the police, Thomas made his way over, opening the door to find a particularly wretched creature standing infront of it, somewhat resembling the appearance of his daughter. And as she moved in to hug him with a pair of arms that were clearly non-human, the man let out a scream and retreated into the building outside her grasp, retrieving his shotgun and opening fire, quickly forcing the monster off of his property in spite of her pleas through a familiar-yet-distorted voice.

2 years later and the mutated spider-girl makes her living entirely of her own merits, working for the few people who can find the value in her newly acquired life style. As for how she survived, well, being half-spider came with the benefits of utilizing spider-like hunting methods to acquire herself food in the rather lengthy adaptation period. Her uncanny appearance still gives many the fright, but the flight instinct that comes from her other half is often utilized to escape dangerous situations, often incurred by people who see her for the abomination that she is to an extent. On the other hand, she's not found wanting too much in terms of living conditions, even if she still considers herself to be a middle-class noble despite being declared dead by her father. Not that anyone would have any reason to believe her.

Eleanor is a pretty happy thing at the end of the day. Perhaps it's the fact her brain is a bit of a mush between two different species but she only really seems concerned by things that threaten her and is otherwise quite upbeat most of the time. She enjoys long walks across the coastline, whilst at the same time being deathly afraid of them. Dedicated to any work she's managed to net herself, her employers recognize that, for the odd mutant that she is, she must've been naturally gifted with some manner of adaptability because she outperforms her human counterparts in many a ways, with the exception of appearance. Across the countryside however, where folks like her aren't exactly as scarce as they are in the cities, she can make a living just fine without all that many batting an eyebrow.

- Being half-spider, Eleanor can easily scale walls, clean difficult to reach places and even skip lunchtime break if there's a plethora of insects or vermin to munch on.
- Webweaving means that burglars have been very easy to apprehend when unaware of her. As such, the police recognize this maid's talent for catching lowlives and handing them over to the appropriate law enforcement.
- Cooking. Eleanor is great at cooking what she hunts. As well as other things. The girl is buried in cookbooks as long as they can be provided and can make some excellent meals with the right ingredients.
- Musical affinity. Being able to dedicate 6 limbs to playing any one instrument, Eleanor is exceptionally good at elevating her musical talents. She just has no sponsors since her face doesn't sell all that well.
- Dancing. Lots of legs to make the tap dancing an absolute joy to witness. Or a horror show if an arachnophobiac is concerned.

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