Warlord Tarcix Kronen

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Warlord Tarcix Kronen

Post  Karthusin on Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:01 am

Name: Tarcix Kronen
Evident Sex: Male
Occupation: Warlord Raider
Affiliation: Kingdom of Khaerum
Age: Old
Height: 2m
Weight: 80kg


Tarcix rose into prominence early on in his years. He is an example of somebody who crawled out of the slums to get onto his two feet and become the man he is today. While a lot of his story is lost in time, especially as the cold-hearted man does not speak of his past very often, it is said that he aspired to become more than a street rat barely living off the scraps of dead animals and as such abandoned his abusive family in order to join a group of raiders way back when during the worst days of Khaerum. And while the situation generally hasn't improved tremendously since, Tarcix is one of the oddballs in Khaerum, who does his part to contribute in the grander scheme of things.

A number of the slaves he captures during his raids are sent off across the rest of the country. And while he does not concern himself with what happens to them, his reputed standing beneath the council leads him to believe that they are being put to use, either as a means of quelling the ever-prevalent famines or as mere playthings for the high lords. Instead, the man focuses on the practical bit of his work - maiming, killing and burning. Tarcix has a very hands-on approach to raiding in that he tends to lead from the front and put his years of experience to work, slaughtering even the best of combatants. He is known to play on the more honor-bound of his opponents by challenging them to a duel where everything is at stake and promptly embarrassing them infront of their men through nothing but skill and martial prowess. An oddball for sure. He is the current leader of the "Foglanders" Raiding Society.

Tarcix isn't much of a family man though he does recognize some of his many offsprings as being relatively competent. And with many a human women to give birth to his very own line of Dhampirs, Tarcix didn't hesitate much when the purges were to be carried out, having his men execute roughly 20 young boys and girls, even among his very own army. When the purity of his bloodline is concerned however, he does care. On occasion. About as much as he cares about any other vampire that he considers to be somewhat of an exception among the rest of the rabble.

A surprisingly bright individual otherwise, Tarcix' years of experience have led him to devising his own weaponry, tactics and devices to secure battle. He is as well a relatively light-hearted man when in a good mood, known for a dark sense of humor and charisma among his men all the same. Politics are the only thing he has left to his daughter Beltris, as he scarcely has the time or desire to concern himself with most vampiric court drama. Still, he could be seen at a ball once in a blue moon, sampling something a bit more refined as opposed to gorging on an open throat.

- Tarcix' magical abilities are by and large unrealized though he identifies one in particular - The man exudes an aura of blood as long as he has slain a victim or 10 in the last week, maintaining constant regeneration, stamina and strength.
- Exceptional Combat Prowess: Tarcix is a warrior by nature and has been so for the past many years. His eagerness to jump into battle headfirst has left him with a wide range of experience when it comes to dealing with just about every hostile combatant.

Gossip: Tarcix is generally well regarded among many vampires, though he harbors enemies among those who consider him to be a dense individual, unfit for ruling his part of Khaerum. His response to such accusations typically involves the words: "Try me if you think you're hard enough."

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