The Bloody Hills

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The Bloody Hills

Post  Homu on Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:31 am

Geography: The Bloody Hills are situated in <somewhere> Khaerum. It is an area with, as the name suggest, a hilly geography.
Dark and spooky forests surround many of the tall hills, which are covered in vineyards, for the sun shines well on these high hills.
The name comes from the practise of fertilizing some of these grapevine sorts.

Structure: The traidition of wine making is an ancient one, from ages past when they were still Elves.
As the race changed and had to move to Khaerum, the wine was harder to procure and only the elite could afford it.
Some capitalized on this and started a tradition of wine making in the most suitable area, the Bloody Hills.
Hard battles were fought in the past over the rights until a family line came out victorious.
Now said family lords over the various towns and hamlets, taking tribute in form of blood and wine.
There are various types of wine made, depending on the vintner families, and some are even exported to other areas of the world.
Some sample wine sorts are: Blood Wine, a wine mixed with blood, Sparkling Wine, Red Wine (without blood), and White Wine.
The practise of fertilizing with blood is not commonly advertised.

Families: The major family is the von Almen family. A long time ago they have asserted dominance over the area and now live in decadence.
The von Almen manor is well known for its various balls and festivals, a popular destination for the rich and elite of Khaerum.
The rest is work in progress (aka probably in limbo forever because I dont know what else to add).

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