Southmost Foglands

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Southmost Foglands

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Geography: The southmost darklands is a cold and desolate place even in Khaerum, bordering the Von Waall Highlands and continuing the trend of places people don't want to be in. Numerous rocky passages lead across desolate valleys, where an ever-present fog hangs low, providing the perfect area for ambush for starved predators or travelling vampires wanting to get away from the oppressive rule of the region. The Foglands are plagued by a very long night cycle for the majority of the year. Little sun shines and when it doesn't, it is shrouded by the thick fog. The people have learned to illuminate the area by trapping fireflies and glow worms within lanterns, where they dwell for as long as their lives carry them before needing to be replaced.  Agriculture is exceptionally difficult to handle and with little in the way of healthy plantlife, animals as well are difficult to raise. As such, the region has focused most of its attention on one thing - coal and iron mining.

Sunny day in the Foglands:

Structure: Under the rule of several hardened warlords, most prominent of whom is Tarcix Kronen, the region only truly has one large 'city' , by the name of Graxhall, which could scarcely be called such, with various minor outposts along the ruined roads to keep them clear of predators and allow the safe transportation of food or slaves from the mainland of Khaerum. Everything in the spiral city is focused around 2 mining shafts located at the base of a mountain. Basic necessities such as city crones are present, though typically traveling in and out on a regular basis to replenish their supplies. Their healing services are however provided not only to vampires but the enslaved humans as well, who, with recent suggestions on behalf of Beltis Kronen, were granted their own city quarter, where they live under Kronen family protection for the sake of procreation. In that regard, they are treated as little more than cattle but they do get a supply of rations which is just enough to keep the majority operational on a day-to-day basis. In that regard, some vampires have even went as far as to shun the recent changes. Tarcix assures, however, that the payoff will be greater than the cost. The vampiric population, on the other hand, is based within 5 ruling families and peasants, who, much like the humans, work within the mines. The vampires do however receive the privilege of shorter work hours, a day off and the ability to choose which mine they prefer to be situated in. Ontop of that they do get paid a measely amount for their efforts. And while it's not quite enough for luxury, it is enough to permit them basic living conditions, food and access to health care as well as an appointed speaker, allowed to attend and occasionally speak within the family meetings.

City Outskirts:

Families: Having the support of 3 out of the 5 local major families, the Kronen vampire family keeps a tight grip on his quarter of the world and while plotting is virtually unstoppable among his kin, Tarcix has been able to survive and maintain a position of power due to his support from the Council. Being an exceptionally well-regarded individual amongst vampire society due to his ruthless nature and ability to bring in food during the winters, he receives greater benefits and finds himself at the top of the hierarchy within the Foglands. This extends to funds and soldiers to keep his holdings intact and make sure there are as few deserters as possible, especially among the humans being herded in their poor dwellings. His friend and battlefield companion Sanar Ichi'nar is head of the Ichi'nar family and together with his retainer Dormochevsky, provide Tarcix' backbone against the Ryshnal and Unblikh families, who often strive to beat Tarcix for control. However a connection had been traced to the Kronen daughter's kidnapping a number of years back. Though claimed to be forged ''proof'' by his fathers' rivals, this has left them in an unfavorable standing with the Council after Beltris, her father and his supporters all testified against their two rival families. This has severely limited their influence, though they remain a prevalent opponent in the fight for influence over the city nonetheless, given its strategic importance and funding - most of which goes into the coffers of the families in control.

Tarcix' Mansion:

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