Deceptive Diplomatic Delight

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Deceptive Diplomatic Delight

Post  Karthusin on Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:15 am

Name: Beltis Kronen
Evident Sex: Female
Occupation: Diplomat
Affiliation: Kingdom of Khaerum
Age: 17
Height: 1m46cm
Weight: 44kg


Ruthless by nature, this exceptionally young vampress proved to be a cunning thing just a few years after her birth. Situated in one of the most unforgiving parts of Khaerum, she was born into the family of a prominent vampire raider by the name of Tarcix, whose wealth made him a target for many of the region. Still, with a pair of fiercely dedicated wives, the money to hire bodyguards whilst at the same time having the support of the Crimson Circle for his ''livestock'' contributions, this made his position a secure one. This security, however, did not extend to Beltis in her earliest years. Kidnapped on two occasions as a means of ''coercing'' her father into extending his hands out to the starving populace, her situation as a prisoner to a band of ruffians quickly forced her out of her sheltered and pampered lifestyle. And while she does not disclose much information in regards to her year-long absences, the girl only writes off that matters of surviving required her to rise far beyond her age earlier than she would have liked. Better prepared the second time compared to the first.

And this is exactly how she herself rose to prominence shortly after her latest release. The young lady, whilst his father was away during the winters, began to take more and more opportunities with the region she was situated in. Working slaves harder, whilst giving them just enough to survive so that they did not consider death a favorable alternative to living, whilst slipping them just enough information, perhaps true, perhaps fabricated, in regards to the going ons of the outside world. As such, the vampire developed a curious fascination for humans. Lingering around them more often than before, though always just shy from their dirty paws, she learned of Adrila's culture - sometimes through futile attempts at her life. If anything, it taught her that their spirit was considerably higher to break than she'd never anticipated.

It was only after a few years of bolstering her father's treasury that her worth was realized and she was sent to the capital, where she could study under some of the Council's branches in diplomacy, history, geography, mathematics and more. But the experienced gold-hoarder had her ways of making sure she got by, getting more out of her time spent than the money she was putting in - sometimes altogether. Impressed by her ability to finance herself whilst at the same time not at all bothering to ask, her Tarcix eventually gave her a pat on the head and allowed her to tend to herself. No more than 2 years later, his investment would pay off as she undertook her first diplomatic contract in Ivellea, regarding their ongoing rebellion and, out of sight and out of minds, negotiated a favorable deal between her family and the rebels, whilst at the same time avoiding catastrophe by convincing the loyalists otherwise. Adrila's interference was of major contribution to her plan after she'd scored her keep and dragged a score of war prisoners to Khaerum with nobody living to tell the tale after the combined effort of Ivellea itself, princess Evanor and the Orgonian Military wiped out the evidence.

Beltis is an eloquent, well-worded and polite individual at face value but the truth extends far beyond her face. The vampire is cunning, manipulative and whilst never directly brutal - with enough pawns to do her bidding in less than savory ways. Even so, she proves nigh irresistable when she wants something and has a way with words that can unconsciously convince others. She is ambitious and capable, aiming to make a name for herself much to the envy of others. This certainly leaves her with some political enemies, even of her own race, but no moves have been made just yet. For the time being, she balances power quite carefully, only working on her more devious schemes when her father is home, as the slavemaster is one that few wish to trifle with.

- The act of charming one is often unrealized by most, coming as a natural boon and an extension of their personality, but when realized and fostered since a young age, it can be a powerful weapon. This young diplomat can, on occasion, make puppets dance if she plays her cards right.
- Vampiric prowess is common to most of her kind, in that feeding can lead to a spike of power, that makes even this young and unimposing lady quite dangerous if caught at the wrong time.

Gossip is kept at an all time low as people with insufficient protection that might just want to mention her on the streets find themselves or their families disappearing.
Still... She is considered a devious little demon and certainly one to watch out for.

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