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Marianne Atharnsdaughter

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Name: Marianne Altharnsdaughter
Age: 19
Evident Sex: Female
Occupation: Princess
Affiliation: Grey Marshes
Height: 1m56cm
Weight: 59kg


History:Second daughter to the, perhaps, disappointment of the Grey Marshes' King, Marianne lived an all too carefree life given her older sister was already being prepared as the future monarch. Such aspirations were never quite present in the second child on the other hand. She seemed entirely fond of simply enjoying a lavish lifestyle, visiting other aristocratic families, always eager to get out of the castle even with her homeland being heralded as the dangerous place that it is. For the longest while, the reality of the world never really managed to reach her. This made her an endearing but ignorant child.

She grew up much the same, choosing to enjoy the joys in life that her bleak country offered as opposed to waste her time with the many private tutors that were hired. Be they the most prominent of Ivellea or Elthern, the young lady simply lacked the patience for study. Instead, she focused on the artistic side of life, opting to master the ability to sing from numerous corners of the earth, seeking out odd foreign visitors that would be willing to share their folklore with her after she'd acquired a mastery of the voice all of her own, either practicing daily by her lonesome out at evening or at live events once she'd mustered the courage to do so before a larger crowd. This, in time, very much open nature and numerous public appearances made her a very well-regarded person by the general populace. Though she's always had an array of critics, pointing out how unfit for rule she really was, the Princess' retort would more often than not be the simple confirmation of their fears. That amount of responsibility was simply beyond a free-spirited individual such as herself. Instead, she tended to the troubles of the everyday person, finding herself to be quite fond of speaking to just about anyone, even the most impovirished of street urchins. One way or another, the young lady would find it in her heart to spend hours on end listening if she had to - something that was never the case when it regarded her studies, and bring forth the woes and fears of her citizens back to the palace. And while her contribution wasn't quite as straightforward as that of her sister's, she had a talent for remembering if she only cared to do so. And matters that concerned the public were infact one of the few things she could recollect to near-perfection. As such, locations of dangerous monsters, economic and agricultural troubles, foreign concerns and natural tragedies were details she could bring back home and discuss in length - even if many of their more intricate peculiarities flew over her head.

With the death of her father however, the princess, almost of age, was most distraught. For a time, her radiance dimmed but she did return with a statement soon enough, promising that she would take to it all just a bit more seriously and do her best to serve her country in her own little ways during this time of turmoil. Since then, she'd finally recognized that she needed to place her head in the right place and use her excellent memory to educate herself more prominently so that she may be of further use in maintaining the country and take atleast some of the weight off of Althania's shoulders.

Personality: The princess is a radiant and lovely specimen, whose cheerful nature can warm the coldest of hearts (with some exceptions). She posseses a natural gift of mediation, capable of resolving conflicts sparked by emotion and easing the minds of those involved should they only sit down and listen to what she has to say, however distant it is from the initial topic. While she knows next to nothing of combat, she always admires the strength and will of those willing to put themselves on the line and as such inspires support for the brave defenders of the Marsh, who brave its inhospitable environments and sacrifice themselves for her and thus all the other citizens. Something that brings about gratitude from those whose spirit she admires. On the background of it all however is somebody surprisingly capable of discerning lies and realizing opportunities after she'd spent the last few years catching up on the various things she'd blinded herself to for so very long. This has made her a far more valuable asset than the happy-go-lucky child that she had been for the longest time.

- The Princess' mind is excellent at memorizing things to the very last detail if she feels personally or emotionally involved in a subject. So much so that she can recall large chunks of day-to-day life even years back.
- Her singing voice is mesmerizing. And while it won't mind control anybody, it will most certainly bring about a state of happiness or contentment in most people who have the pleasure of hearing it.

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