Gaia Tutorials Part 1: Some starting words, and the nature of the universe

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Gaia Tutorials Part 1: Some starting words, and the nature of the universe

Post  Kali on Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:33 am

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Welcome to the first episode of Gaia Tutorials. I am Fearn, the alder archdruid, and through these forum posts, I will guide you through the inner workings of what we call the Gaiaverse.

It is my hope that, through the words I write, your imagination may be inspired to give life to many different people, creatures and groups that inhabit this world, and weave stories through which they interact with it and change its destiny. Through this, narrator and reader will become one and the same. Our story will become yours, and yours will become ours.

Since the dawn of time, we have been among you. Gods, fair folk, werebeasts, angels and other creatures of magic have been around us since humans have memory. Only a few ever find out that they exist, but they are there, living, watching, laughing and crying. There might be a time when a given human may have the veil of ignorance lifted from their eyes, and discover the secret world hiding in front of them. Those people are known as the Initiated. Some of those may dabble in the knowledge of that secret world, and from it, acquire power they can wield. Those are known as the Anointed. Even fewer may entangle their destinies even further even if it costs them their human nature to do so. Those who are willing to perform this sacrifice and live a new life among us are the ones we truly call our Exalted brothers and sisters.

But I'm going too fast. We will talk about such things when the time comes. For now, all you need to know is that, in a world not unlike yours, four aspects govern the universe: The Light, the Overworld, the Underworld and the Otherworld.

The Light, also called the Daysphere, the Sacred Realm and Heaven, is the plane of order and holy magic, as well as the home of the gods of the cosmos. The cosmic entity known as YHVH rules over all of the lesser divine beings of Heaven and makes sure that the plan of the Great Will, the supreme source of existence, continues without a hitch.

The Overworld, alternatively the Orb, the World and the Gaiaverse, is the plane of life and druidism, aspect of the physical universe, the stars, the planets, the pure elements and the living beings. The gods of nature, born from Gaia, the Great Mother, breathed life into the universe so that they could uphold and maintain the Great Will's order, and through it prosper, grow and evolve.

The Underworld, also known as the Nightsphere, the Netherrealm and Hell, is the plane of chaos and dark magic, home to the Great Threat and its children and grandchildren, the Demon Lords and their progeny. The Great Threat and those who emanate from him are beings of a strange nature, who despise the Great Will's order and wish to spread chaos wherever they go. Some theorize that they are not native to this universe. Nobody knows with certainty.

The Otherworld, also known by the names of Warpsphere, Otherwhere and Void, is the plane of void magic, the fabric that unites the other planes together. It is a plane that both exists and does not, devoid of life and thought, where nothing can thrive, but from which the Great Will obtained the material to give shape to our world, to the gods and, through them, to us.

As you can see, these four spheres are different from each other. However, without the existence of all four, the universe as we know it would not exist. The ocean, without its waves, withouts its fishes, without its salt, is just water. With them, it's a gorgeous spectacle of color and wonder.

Meditate on this. Next time, we will talk about the nature of magic, and its power.

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