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Sailing Girl

Post  Karthusin on Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:38 am

Name: Clem Marshal
Sex: Female
Occupation: Junior Fisherman
Age: 18
Height: 1m74cm
Weight: 67kg


Clem lives out at sea with her father Harper and occasionally goes back to mainland USA to meet up with her mother Lauren for little family reunions. Though divorced, her parents appear to get along fine and the young lady hopes to see them formally reunited once again, though she won't speak of the reasons too openly. Harper is considered a well-meaning and strong man with a positive outlook on life and an adventurous spirit, which is namely the reason he's taken to sea in spite of his upbringing in the comparatively barren Idaho. The man is friendly and welcoming, though he has a hard time getting over certain habits, like alcohol. Still, urged by his daughter to atleast reduce the consumption for the sake of his teeth, he's been steadily improving...

Lauren, on the other hand, is a well-off woman with numerous connections in corporate management and the education to go along with it. She is known to be the one who supports the former family in its time of trouble, namely when the crabbing season isn't particularly bountiful. As for the woman herself, her face at work and her face at home are nigh completely different. An outgoing work-woman with the attitude to match and the charisma to inspire, only to turn into a social recluse back home with little in the way of things to do but hang out with a friend or two on occasion and otherwise skulk around the late night bars.

As for Clem, well, she tries not to linger on the negatives too much. She keeps regular contact with her mom, acting as a voice of reason for the adults. The girl is quite laid back and unconcerned and were it not for her line of work, would be relatively indistinguishable for someone of her age, taking pleasure in the simple things like music and staying in contact with people she likes, of whom there are many. Traveling, much like her father, is a definite enjoyment that she's making the best of in her time out at sea. Not even the worst of the fishing seasons really bring her down.

- Likes the stormy sea
- Likes the calm sea
- Enjoys a sunny day
- Enjoys the beach and anything that comes with it
- Likes the occasional drink. Even if its illegal.
- Likes ice cream.
- CCR for life.

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