The Istilans

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The Istilans

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The Istilans are a humanoid race hailing from the planet Sotha-Istila.
They appear as fair skinned humans with hair and eyecolours in various bluetones, sometimes but rarely blonde hair.
Intelligent and well-behaved, they believe in peaceful resolutions and are a friendly, benevolent race.
The Istilans have genetically enhanced themselves. Once upon a time, they lived as one nation on their planet.
They have combined two continents to unite their race, Sotha and Istila, dubbing their world Sotha-Istila to portray their unity.
After a civil war, however, this broke apart and they prepared to set out to the stars to explore space.
However, the Crystal Catastrophe happened, forcing them to abandon their home with their fleet and their only worldship.

Cultural Views
The Istilans are, as mentioned, peaceful.
Sexually they allow individuals to make their own choices as long as they do not negatively impact others, such as inbreeding which is a very real threat to such a small population.
Relationship-wise, most Istilans value family and seek a loyal partner, though some rare individuals choose instead to pursue open relationships.
This basically translates into the Istilans being open minded and allowing their relationships to take whatever form all parties involved are comfortable with.
Gender-theory wise some may identify as one or the other gender or simply view themselves as their own person, not bound to one or another such stereotype.
Their genetic program in the past has erased many genetic mutations that have led to physical or mental abnormalities.
This may show in many of them not properly understanding and emphasizing with some psychological hardships humans go through, such as gender dysphoria, psychopathy and other mental conditions.
One may say their strength can also be their flaw as they often are idealistic and unprepared for the raw hostility that humans are used to.
When forced into combat, the Istilans seek to resolve the conflict with minimal losses and utmost efficiency. Were they mean-spirited, they would make formidable conquerors.
They also lack a religion, having abolished that system in their past. If there are religious individuals amongst them, they would likely have their own unique individual beliefs which they might keep to themselves entirely.

Naming Style

The Istilans follow a Three Names Scheme. The first name, the "Parent Name" and the Family Branch.
In Iranda Celo Lentrian's name, Iranda is her name, Celo is her mother's name (and her nickname, apparently?), and Lentrian is the family branch.
In Mikaros' case, Mikaros is his name, his middle name is not used anymore as his father has died, and Lentrian is the family branch.
Irisette's middle name is Priva, which is her mother's name. Male characters will use their father's name as middle name, until he dies.

Notable Istilans

Fleet Admiral Mikaros Lentrian: He is the father of Iranda Celo Lentrian and the admiral of the military fleet.

Iranda Celo Lentrian: Our protagonist group's guide and friend.

Irisette Priva Lentrian: Cousin of Iranda Celo Lentrian

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