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The Homeworld of the Istilans, in the Viarlo System

Star Name: Viarlo
Type: G-type main sequence star
Age: Between 4 and 5 billion years
Rotation Period: 28 earth days

Planetary System

The Viarlo system consists of seven planet and an asteroid belt between the second and third planet.

The first planet is a dwarf-planetoid of molten rocks.
The second planet is an inhospitable desert world which the Sotha-Istilans used numerous times for experiments.
There is a debris field between the second and third planet, suggesting a past planetary collision billions of years in the past.
The third planet is a gas planet slightly larger than the earth which has an incredibly fast orbit around the star of just 24 hours.
Fourth in line is Sotha-Istila, the homeworld of the Sotha Istilans.

Name: Sotha-Istila (Renamed, formerly <RECORD DELETED>)
Type: Water-World (Earthlike)
Size: Slightly larger than earth, but the same gravity due to a slightly different mass composition
Orbital Period: 320 Days
Rotational Period: 30 Hours
Axial tilt: 176 Degrees

History: <Spoiler>
Races: <Spoiler>

Fifth, is yet another gas planet with a dense mass and several frozen moons.
Sixth another large gas giant with multiple moons
Seventh a small icy body floats in a wide ellyptical path.

Further outside are several small icy bodies and comets as well as old debris from past spaceprograms.

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