Double Trouble

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Double Trouble

Post  Homu on Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:11 am

-- For the Nougat Masterson Followers RP --
Nougat has met these two non-followers.

Name: Aurora Baudelaire
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Occupation: Military Flight Instructor (Army Helicopters)
Residence: <Classified>
Height: 170 cm
Haircolor: Blue
Eyecolor: Blue

Description: A fresh military flight instructor who took leave from her job to apply for an attempt as a gameshow host.
She failed her debut at "You don't know Jack", which is Nougat Masterson's show.
Was captured by the Mafia but released after a misunderstanding. Forgave Nougat Masterson and listened to her crazy rants about demons.
Was shown an ability of Vanessa and starts believing Nougat, who is trying to befriend her to have someone to confide in with all this madness.


- Handgun

Traits and Personality:
- Friendly and patient
- Level-headed
- Idealistic

- Helicopter flight license
- Good instructor
- Concealed firearm carrying license
- Self defense


Name: Ria Cagliostro
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student (Private College)
Residence: <Pizzeria Cagliostro>
Height: 168 cm
Haircolor: Blonde
Eyecolor: Blue

Description: Daughter of aforementioned mafia boss, she is not too keen on the trouble that comes with it but not above making use of it anyway. Looking for action and excitement, this girl when fancying someone will go to great lengths up to and including overwhelming them with seduction attempts.
She seeks to escape her family obligations. Is tired of Pizza and Pasta.


- Influence

Traits and Personality:
- Daring and Demanding
- Spoiled and needy
- Fair and Honourable

- Acting
- Darts


Father: Giuseppe Cagliostro
Description: He's a middle-aged man with a slight beer belly, greying hair and slight bags under his eyes.

Mother: Concetta Cagliostro
Description: A very housewife looking lady that is usually seen in older fashion. She works in the Pizzeria.

Grandfather: Vincente Cagliostro
Description: He's in Italy(San Casciano), an old man walking with a cane, slim always proper and short moustache. Well respected.


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