A Master? No, a Monster

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A Master? No, a Monster

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Character Data

Name: Rosa Malanoche Arranz
Age: 6 years, looks 8
Planned Lifespan: 20 years
Birthday: Created on December 8
Eyecolor: Gold
Haircolor: Blonde
Height: 143cm

Background: Rosa was created by a magus called Adrián Malanoche Arranz. Adrián created Rosa out of mix of three desires: The desire to have a heir for his clan despite his inability to have children, the desire to bring a being greater than human to life and the desire to spite the Einzberns by perverting the Heaven's Feel ritual and using the wish granted by the holy grail to bring out a world where humans discard their humanity to improve themselves, seeing the human element as a hindrance and an obstacle in the way to true greatness.

To that end, Adrián used spies to steal the Einzbern's homunculus fabrication techniques and combined with his thaumaturgy specialized in modifying and improving the physical qualities of living beings.

Together with the magic crest of the Malanoche family, Rosa got another gift from her father: To compensate for her physical frailty, Adrián grafted to her body a mystic code called Azi Dahaka. This mystic code grants Rosa the ability to improve her own physical qualities, or those of others, at the cost of eroding her sanity and forcing her to perform atrocious things to retain her body's cohesion.

Now, with the Grail War approaching, Rosa's mission is clear: She must win, no matter the cost, no matter what has to be done to reach the trophy that will make her wishes real. She will lay her hands on it, and those who stand in her way will die.


-Her body is around 64% composed by magic circuits, making her relatively good at creating mana to fuel magecrafts, but leaving her physically frail... At least normally.
-While she knows various magecraft spells, her true ace up the sleeve is a mystic code called Azi Dahaka, which is grafted directly into her magic circuits for extra efficiency.

This mystic code is a parasitic entity that, when aroused to activity by its host, performs a thaumaturgy of 'forced accelerated evolution'. It imprints into the soul information that makes it believe it exists in a reality where humans have become solitary beings who lack trust and fight their fellow human beings in a worst case everyone-against-everyone scenario. By making the soul think it exists in that scenario and then feeding it directly with an accelerated growth curse, the individual evolves into a form capable of surviving in it, which often results in a physically enhanced form that could easily take on any normal human, as well as all magi except for the most formidable, in any contest of bodily strength.

However, the price of this power is very high. The forced evolution does not change just the body, but also the mind, resulting in an increase in ferocity, erosion of morals and sanity and release of inhibitions. Unlike the physical modifications, which are temporary, the mental changes have the potential to become long lasting, slowly turning the user into an evil, sociopathic individual.

Azi Dahaka is also a living individual that requires feeding in order to provide its power. It finds the most nourishment in proteins of human origin. If not fed, the entity will slowly consume the host until it kills it, after which it will look for another host to enter. In order to survive and maintain cohesion of his or her body, the host must consume living, fresh human meat.

-Deceitfully innocent
-Enjoys violence

Hobbies: None

Favorite things:
-Food: Human meat
-Drink: Human blood
-Animal: Snake
-Color: Purple

Regular Themesong: Dark Rebirth
Battle Themesong: Lobotomy Corporation 3rd Alarm
Everything has Gone to Hell in a Handbasket Themesong: Heart of Darkness Battle Theme

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