The Gaiaverse: Setting, characters and such

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The Gaiaverse: Setting, characters and such

Post  Kali on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:08 am

The Gaiaverse is a world of magic and wonder, set in an Earth not unlike our own, but with supernatural creatures and magic being real.

In this world, four great aspects stand in an uneasy balance:

-The Overworld, the aspect of the planet, life, nature, druidism. Its magic is centered on communicating with nature, manipulating the pure elements of the planet, bestow health, life and vigor to a region or a person, and other similar feats. It's patron is Gaia, creator of Earth, mother of life.

-The Light, the plane of the holy, those who try to maintain the order in the world. Its magic is centered on protecting, warding, restoring and empowering, as well as smiting those who would upset the balance. It's patron is YHVH, an emanation of the Great Will tasked with maintaining the balance of the universe.

-The Netherrealm, the aspect of the unholy, those who revel in chaos and despise the balance. Its magic is centered on harming, changing, enslaving and destroying. It's patron is Lucifer, the fallen angel that wants to turn the universe into a place of total anarchy.

-The Otherwere, the aspect that keeps the others together, the fabric between planes that connects all others. Its magic is centered on moving between spots in the blink of an eye, jumping between planes and, in more extreme cases, shape reality bubbles. It has no patron.

In this world, an assortment of creatures, from elves to werewolves and vampires, engage in daily life struggles, fights for survival, power plays and many other sorts of troubles and conflicts. Many are ordinary, but there are some where the very balance of the world is in danger.

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