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Character Data

Name: Kae Kyung-Soon
Age: 16
Birthday: April 1st
Eyecolor: Brown
Haircolor: Brown
Height: 157cm

Background: Kyung-Soon was born in a non-descript region of South Korea, but due to life and work circumstances, her family and her moved to Senjou-Cho, in Japan, and she lived most of her life there.

From very early in her life, she was a socially awkward girl who didn't really get along much with people. This became exacerbated when she grew up. During her teen years, her interest on social interaction dwindled, and she grew disdainful and hopeless, ultimately leaving her parents to live alone in a small flat.

She was always a brilliant drawer, and paid her bills with money earned through drawing commissions and monthly Patreon donations. While she can draw pretty much any kind of drawing, she prefers to draw pictures of Sunset, a bleak world created by her by drawing inspiration from Dark Souls, the Cthulhu Mythos and The Binding of Isaac.

Her life was monotonous, consisting of eating when hungry, sleeping when tired, going to shop when food and supplies were running low and spending the rest of her time at her computer, drawing or playing videogames.

And then someone else appeared in her life, and it was changed forever...

Kae Kyung-Soon _rin_s10
Kae Kyung-Soon _rin_s11
Kae Kyung-Soon _rin_s12

-Slow to trust

Hobbies: Drawing, videogames, anime (Especially mechas)

Favorite things:
-Food: Samgyetang
-Drink: Chocolate milkshake
-Animal: Bunny
-Music: Anything with violins
-Color: Grey

Magical Girl Data and Soul Gem:

Regular Themesong: The Nameless Song
Battle Themesong: [CLASSIFIED]

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