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Character Data

Name: Shura Kotobuki
Age: 16
Birthday: July 25th
Eyecolor: Red
Haircolor: Black
Height: 157cm

Background: Shura was born in Senjou-cho, a Japanese city, 16 years ago. Her life was pretty average for the first nine years of her life. One day, however, she got lost and, when searching for her parents, she instead found Kyubey. Naively, she wished to get back to her parents again. That's how she became a magical girl.

A few months later, Shura, when looking for witches, instead found one of her neighbors, a supposedly model citizen, cheating on his wife with a younger girl who was practicing compensated dating. Upon seeing that, something in her just... Snapped. She used her magic powers to kill the man in cold blood, without being seen.

Years passed after that. Shura found that she had earned herself a reputation as a serial killer known as the "cheaters' killer". During her whole life, she killed both witches AND people by the truckloads, all while pretending to be a normal young girl. How she has survived to this time is anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure: She has accumulated a vast amount of experience all along the way.

And that's when the ordeal with Amanda's group and Reginleiv began.

NOTE: These pictures are approximate references, not completely exact.

Shura Kotobuki _ruby_10
Shura Kotobuki _ruby_11
Shura Kotobuki _ruby_12
Shura Kotobuki _ruby_10
Shura Kotobuki _ruby_11
Shura Kotobuki _ruby_13

Loli Shura
Loli Shura:
Shura Kotobuki _ib_ib10
Shura Kotobuki _ib_ib11

Meguca Outfit Reference
Meguca Outfit Reference:
Shura Kotobuki _littl10


Hobbies: Music, eating, movies (Especially zombie genre)

Favorite things:
-Food: Okonomiyaki
-Drink: Orange juice
-Animal: Wolf
-Music: Synth
-Color: Red

Magical Girl Data and Soul Gem:

Magic: Shura's magic ability allows her to blink AKA teleport small distances. She has to have some knowledge of the place she's teleporting to, or she risks being telefragged. Also, she has to wait at least ten seconds before blinking again, or the magic expense grows exponentially.

Color: Red
Emblem: A fang.
Location: On a choker on her neck.
Witch Kill Count: Many.
Wish: "I want to go back to my parents!"
Experience: Seven years (!!!).

Witch Data:

Regular Themesong: The Thief
Battle Themesong: Uncontrollable

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