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A meguca thing

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Colossal Witches that enveloped entire cities with their barriers, not unlike the natural disaster imitation that is the Walpurgisnacht. Via the plot of a certain girl of another world in conjunction with the incubators, augmented gems were bestowed to girls that were designated as candidates. Upon the process of converting into a Witch, rather than Grief Seeds these gems turned into "Malignant Embryos". The resulting Witch would lay dormant, fermenting in their own turmoil as their barrier rapidly expanded to encompass up to an entire civilized area (typically a whole city). They will then slowly go through the process of "waking up". Portions of their barrier will open up. Puella Magi will be able to venture into it at this point but won't be able to tell it from a normal Barrier until they realize that it is a massive, city-sized world inside with multiple points of entry.

The whole purpose of a Hexentanz's life is to "ascend to godhood". They become like mere beasts with a single, instinctual aspiration implanted into their existence. They ravenously seek to consume, expand and evolve in order to become greater entities. When a Hexentanz fully awakens, it will start swiftly expanding the borders of its barrier endlessly. The realm of the material world will gradually lose its identity and become replaced with the Hexentanz and its own world, which is an extension of its own body... until nothing but the Hexentanz remains, and thus it will have "achieved" its goal.

Should Puella Magi find themselves in a capacity to stop a Hexentanz, they will find themselves facing "trials" throughout the barriers that represent certain symptoms and developments in the girl that was the foundation of the Witch. Typically, being able to progress through the entirety of the barrier will take days and sometimes even weeks. Some girls become lost and never come out, only to become mere "food" for the growing witch to accelerate its growth. Minions and Familiars are present inside the barrier at all times, significantly stronger than that of a normal Witch. In some cases, they can be mistaken for the Witch itself. 

Once a Hexentanz is defeated, its body will wither away and it will leave behind a "Dolorous Node". If this Node isn't dismantled, the Hexentanz will simply become reborn from it and continue its journey to godhood. The shards of the Node can be used like ordinary Grief Seeds.

There were seven Hexentanz in total. They each embodied "sins of humanity", and were present in different cities across the world.


Chrisomolousa, the Belfry Witch

Details here.

Trait: Vainglory
Location: Japan


Alekto, the Flaming Effigy Witch

Trait: Wrath
Location: Hokkaido


Hetepheres, the Witch of the Sarcophagus

Trait: Acedia
Location: Tenerife


A.A.Lovelace, the Superintendent Witch

Trait: Despondency
Location: London


Makeda, the High-Rise Witch

Trait: Avarice
Location: NYC


Gamchicoth, the Leviathan Witch

Trait: Gluttony
Location: Hawaii



Trait: Hubris
Location: ???

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