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Lord Karthington

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Name: Edmond Willam Karthington
Bloodline: Yldean
Age: 46
Occupation: Head of "Karthington Agriculture"
Height: 1m73cm
Weight: 74kg


Backstory ( Part 1 ):
Edmond was born into the Karthington family household under the prominent Willam Edward Karthington alongside 4 brothers and 3 sisters. However what they lacked in aspiration and competition, he made up for in great quantity. Karthington was a busy young man, taking after his father's firm whilst his siblings were busy playing silly buggers with the servants or exploring the world with the plethora of money at their disposal. Willam never quite wished to play at favorites however much to the discontent of young Edmond, who felt like the only one deserving of inheritance.

All throughout his teens he'd done his best to appeal to his father. And yet the old man seemed more impressed with the achievements of his brother Gregor, who went on to join the Yldean Knights - a result of a magical boon no doubt. Atleast that's what Edmond would always tell himself in envy of his brother's great physical prowess. Damned be his father, the fool, blinded to the intellectual qualities of his no-doubt superior son, he seemed to be thinking of passing the firm onto Gregor. This is something Edmond could not allow to pass. Years of work and study only to result in the complete and utter bankruptcy of his family should the firm fall into the hands of that musclehead Gregor.

And it would not pass. Edmond would never make his feelings public, being the first to congratulate his brother on his achievements, to clap his hands as his father made his intentions clear, to encourage his decision as he grew older. More senile no doubt. But he had a plan.

Backstory ( Part 2 ):
Through shady means, Edmond got a hold of some shady individuals and tasked them with his ultimate plan. He had told his family that he would be away for work well in advance of the events that were about to transpire. It would all be a small price to pay for the good of his family's continued future after all. And it had all gone according to plan. His father always dismissed a portion of the guards during winter to tend to their families on paid leave. This effectively opened the door to the band his son had hired. Anyone unlucky enough to remain on guard had to part ways with his life. As the family slept, their home was broken into. Gregor was the first to be incapacitated, having an arm and leg broken in his sleep before being tied and rendered useless. His sisters, their children, Edmond had made explicitly clear that no harm was to come to them. His brothers however...

After all, only one man could salvage this terrible situation. And that man was Edmond, storming into his father's office at the precise time he had instructed his henchmen to do so, threatening the old man. Of course, Edmond had promised them a great big share of the family's immense fortune. But plans did change. Only the only one aware of the changes was Edmond himself. With a revolver at hand, he shot down the 4 individuals in quick succession, drenching his father's office in blood but ultimately saving the old man, saving his family... from the people he had hired. Edmond tied up loose ends with nobody aware of his heinous crime. A tragedy that would show him in an ideal light whilst presenting his ''virtuous'' brother as a broken man that could not come through at the one time he needed to. Edmond was granted inheritance upon his passing and the rest is history.

Current state of affairs:
Lord Karthington leads a very successful agricultural business, expanding his family fortune with multiple holdings in the countryside, foreign import and export as well as numerous investments across Elne that would ultimately pay off. A married man with many children, most of whom are tended to by caretakers under his payroll. But much like his family life, there are dents in the integrity of his business. Only thing is, nobody has uncovered them quite yet.

- Well-respected individual, though often referred to as 'troubled'
- Wifebeater
- Considered a hero by some of his old siblings
- Others find the whole story a bit more sketchy but with no way of proving it...

- Karthington spends most of his time in a study
- Member of an aristocratic club
- Owner of multiple family villas
- Pianist

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