Jamie Claude

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Jamie Claude

Post  Karthusin on Mon May 28, 2018 1:40 am

Name: Jamie Claude
Bloodline: Locrian
Age: 18
Height: 1m66cm
Weight: 57kg


Jamie was born to a poor household without much to his name. A family of landworkers, Jamie was forced into child labor at an early age, he was on the receiving end of beatings on behalf of his drunkard father, much like his mother. The young man didn't foster much love for either of them however. With enough food to barely scrape by and numerous bad habits to adopt, he eventually took his leave after one too many incidents and distanced himself from the countryside, instead taking to the city by hitching a ride on a train with what little money he had.

With a trusty sleeping bag, a handful of possessions and whatever coins he manages to earn from dayjobs, the young man spends most of them on food, drink and cigarettes, often having to make the choice between one or the other. Desperate as he is, he is willing to do most things, including the occasional hit or backalley brawl. He is not beyond stealing though that is often done away from the eyes of the police for obvious reasons. He is not without his charm however and as such has managed to make a few friends among young noble ladies. Not to mention a temporary stay of their bedchambers during the harsh winters.

- Unremarkable.

- Sleeping bag
- Pocketwatch
- Roughed up hat
- Small knife
- Cigarette case

- Enjoys night time
- Likes dogs
- Prioritizes his habits over base necessities sometimes

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