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Name: Libby Malone
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Residence: The City Outskirts
Height: -
Weight: -
Haircolor: Blonde
Eyecolor: Blue

Description: Libby Malone , a regular mortal girl with an interest in military aviation from the second world war.
One day, Libby was dared to go to a mansion that some believe to be haunted. Afraid, yet she did not back down, Libby rung the bell and was invited inside.
There she met strange individuals, who soon turned out to be supernatural creatures. Two maids that are were-beasts and a girl that is a vampire.
It was too late, for that girl made Libby into her blood doll. But somehow, Libby ended up not minding this vampire all too much. She wasn't exactly cruel towards her.
And they seemed to get along reasonably well. Yes, she even started to take a liking to this vampire that sucked her blood.
And so she visits that mansion every now and then, to hang out with the strange vampire.
What hardship awaits?
How far will the story go?
And why are there so many girls going on stupid dares?

Libby and Lena and Lydia 0768ca10


Traits and Personality:
- Submissive and fearful at times, she has times when she can be bold
- Not afraid when she has the upper hand

- Nothing. She is only good for her blood
- Is good at the games she plays, at least sometimes

Hobbies & Talents:
- Model Kit building
- Computer Games that have to do with vehicles, such as airplanes, tanks or ships

Trivia: Her parents are Brenda Malone and Robert Malone.

Favorite Food:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Color:


Name: Lena Lanford
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Not yet
Class: Druid in training / Anointed of Gaia
Residence: The City (A different one, in England)
Height: 150
Weight: -
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Brown

Story Summary and Description: Lena Lanford, daughter of Lydia Lanford, is a mortal girl that, to disprove magic, journeyed to a nearby swamp hut on her own late at night.
There, she met the vampire-witch Noel and discovered a hidden side to the world she lives in. During this, she was charmed by Noel to demonstrate that she is a vampire.
Thankfully, this was an unusual vampire who apparently seeks to redeem herself for deeds she had done in the past and Lena got away mostly unscathed.
In exchange for letting her take some of her blood, Lena decided to become her apprentice and learn magic and anything else about this new world she just discovered.

From there on, Lena visited Noel a few times, and one time Noel visited Lena in return, travelling into her room as a bat and transforming there.
Lena had to keep this hidden, of course, from the maid and also cover the christian symbols in her room, for her mother is rather superstitious.
On their next meeting, Noel created a magical focus doll which is needed so that Lena does not die during the ritual that would infuse her with magic.
She was also told that there is an evil necromancer causing trouble in the forest. When Lena was offered to choose the type of magic, she chose the magic of The Overworld, the aspect of the planet, life, nature, druidism. Its magic is centered on communicating with nature, manipulating the pure elements of the planet, bestow health, life and vigor to a region or a person, and other similar feats. It's patron is Gaia, creator of Earth, mother of life. It also appears that they develop feeling for eachother, for one reason or another.

Her adventure took a turn to the extreme on the next visit to Noel, where they sought to find an "eaggra", a forest tree-spirit.
It turned out that Lena's wheelchair is terrible for the forest and she often got stuck. Asking Noel to bring the wheelchair back to the swamp hut, she stayed in the forest waiting.
But Noel did not return. Instead, she met a treant who told her they have Noel as hostage, because she is a vampire, an undead creature.
This resulted in Lena meeting Yavaun, the leader of that forest's eaggra (treants) and having to convince them that Noel is a 'good' vampire and that she herself is also not an enemy of the forest.
Luckily, she managed to do so. But not without hardship. She had to go back to the swamp hut to retrieve the book from which Noel learned the ritual to infuse Lena with the magic.
An eaggra brought her to the hut, since she couldn't walk for so much, but she had to use her own legs to explore the rooms hidden beneath a trap door.
It was hard, and Lena ended up with her legs feeling as if they were on fire, strained muscles from carrying herself and the book.
Ending up back on the glade with Yavaun, it turned out the book was one written by the first eaggra.
Important decisions were made and Lena/Noel could leave, allying with the eaggra and promising they will try to remove the necromancer.
Lena's legs were healed, except not enough to make her no longer need the wheelchair. After this adventure, Lena decided to tell Noel she has a crush on her.
This, she tries to rationalize by saying the magic demonstration with the charm has caused a lasting positive bias for Noel in her, or that the bloodsucking was such an intimate act in retrospect that she now does not feel it wrong to simply go with Noel, given they get along anyways.
Her mother did tell her to take the chance with someone if it looks like it might work, although she may not have intended this outcome.
And it would show soon. For Lena did not know that her mother had taken notice to her frequent disappearances and visits to Noel.

That'll be covered in Lydia Lanford's post.

Now Lena is waiting to visit Noel again to continue her magic training, so that she can battle the necromancer with Noel and afterwards, they promised to eachother they would celebrate victory. Intimately.

Libby and Lena and Lydia _shirl10

- Inquisitive and curious
- Confident, she says what she wants in a polite but direct manner

- Wand made from a branch of the great Yavaun

- Fireball: "Source of all power, flame that burns with crimson light, gather in <my hand/the tip of my wand> and smite my enemies with your might"
- First Aid: "Blessed hand of God, breath of Gaia, I pray to you both, come to me, make your infinite compassion flow through my wand and deliver <me/the person before me> from pain."
- True Sight: "Hand that writes into the book seated at the Tabernacle of Omens, grant sight beyond sight to my eyes."
- Illumination: "Light of the heavenly host, banish the darkness around me so that I may not fall into despair."

Hobbies & Talents:


Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Color:


Name: Lydia Lanford
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Class: Vampire Hunter
Residence: The City (A different one, in England)
Height: 159
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Purple

Story Summary and Description: Lydia Lanford, Lena's mother. A strong woman, bullheaded and bolder than even Lena. She led a good life in the past, until circumstances led her to becoming a Vampire Hunter in her younger years. She was raised with religion in mind, against evil such as vampires and monsters.
However she was rather bold and liberal in some other things. Picky, yes. When she had a daughter, she decided it is more important to raise her safely.
And so Lydia Lanford decided to give up the hunt and pretend the supernatural did not exist, hiding it all under a religious mask.

Lena was fooled for a long time until she kept sneaking out at night. Eventually, Miss Lanford figured out she visits some swamp house.
Investigating it, she went there one evening and met Noel, whom she quickly questioned. She felt something was off about that girl.
Her red eyes, her pale skin and the fact she told her she does not like the sunlight very much. It had to be a vampire, a demon, something bad.
But she also noticed Lena cared for this person, and after checking for any spells, she was not under mind control. This was going to be tough.
In Noel's house she noticed occult objects such as a cauldron, runes and runic circles on the outside. But Noel insisted it is harmless, and no magic at all.
Of course Lydia could not expose herself or act like she knows magic exists, so she decided to tell her Lena is grounded and won't see her again.
And invited Noel to go to church with her and Lena on a sunday evening sermon, to test her resolve. And Noel agreed. Somehow, she managed.

Somehow, Noel made a deal with a demon to ward herself against the church, in exchange for precious stones. But this ward had a filthy aura.
On the way to the church, Lena could not withstand the pressure of her mother any longer, knowing she will eventually find out anyway.
So she admitted that she has feelings for Noel and that she was bold enough to ask Noel to show her naked form the day before.
This quite shocked Lydia in the first moments, she was speechless. But she also understood, somewhat, since she herself experimented here and there in her youth.
They got through the sermon, even though the jesus figure wept tears of blood due to the aura, and the priest gave the stink-eye to Noel.

Sending Lena home, she decided to escort Noel back home to finish her off if push comes to shove.
On the way, she asked Noel personal questions to gauge how much she seems to care for her daughter. Partially satisfied but not enough, she had to test her with more unorthodox methods.
Asking Noel wether she wants to satisfy her daughter and if she thinks she could, she made advances such as asking if she ever handled a real woman before, implying she is asking her for sex. She was quite insistent on it, mentioning her 'husband' not being around and that she longs for some intimacy, or that she would teach her so she could satisfy her daughter.
But thankfully, Noel declined multiple times. She wantes to experience these things with Lena, if and when she is ready. She won't do anything to hurt her.

That was her saving grace. Lydia admitted that it was an act to see if this girl was driven by mere lust or by actual genuine feelings. She relented.
But to add an additional layer of security she exposed herself as having been a vampire hunter in the past. This frightened Noel, since she is a vampire, obviously.
That was then Noel admitted to being a vampire and explaining that she taught Lena magic, at her own request.
They agreed on a ceasefire, for Lena's sake and also because Noel told her about there being a necromancer that seems to take priority.
Lydia has a plan. She will help them out, bring back her old skills as a vampire hunter. If Lena now knows about the supernatural, no sense in hiding it.
She needs her mother's support now! And if Noel missteps and endangers Lena? Then she will be dealt with. And if Lena comes to dislike Noel? Then she won't even need to feel guilty.
Will Lydia trust Noel? Will she stand idle? Who knows.

Libby and Lena and Lydia _dorot10

- Extremely inquisitive and curious
- Confident
- Deceptive

- Multiple old-fashioned firearms
- Crossbow with stake bolts
- Various christian symbols

- Has got a good sense for the supernatural
- Hand to hand combat (A bit rusty)
- Ranged weapons usage

Hobbies & Talents:
- Used to do acting in a drama theatre, usually romantic or seductive roles
- contrary to her very religious image, she is quite fond of dates and pleasure, but extremely picky


Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Color:

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