Sally Turner

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Sally Turner

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Name: Sally Turner

Age: 20

Height: 159

Weight: Average

Nationality: American

Race: Human

Hair & Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: None. She is a poweruser on the run, with rebel ties

Residence: Alkor City Underground / Esther Waldvogel's Apartment

She calls her ability "Electron Cyclotron". It is the ability to manipulate electrons into beams or shields nearby. As a beam the electrons are in a superposition between wave and particle, a wave-particle beam that punches through targets at the speed of lightning, generating such heat that it is surrounded by a thin layer of plasma.
Sally can also create flat disc like surfaces of electrons near her, which she uses as a type of shield. Her beam's maximum range is extreme, about a kilometer without damage fall-of, and even more than that with decreasing power.
Sally must be careful with it, however, as the heat and energy can also harm her at this point. At full power, Sally is able to sweep her beam through an entire cityblock, but it would also evaporate her if she is unlucky, and give her severe burns if she is lucky.
At her current level, she can fire two beams at the same time, one per hand. Her smallest beams are needle-like and her largest is almost her own size, but suicide.
If Sally improves further, she may shield herself from the heat or learn to bend the beams close to her, as the ability is of an electrical nature.

Items: Cellphone, clothes.

Appearance/Image: Sally Turner's appearance belies her age, she looks younger than she is. Her hair is kept neatly at shoulder length and she usually wears clothes that make her appear demure or bookish.

Personality Traits: Quiet and reserved, she is friendly and opens up to those she trusts. When very angry she bursts with energy, usually in form of screaming.

Background: Sally Turner lived most of her life in New Grantham. The girl's home is above the city library where she and her parents lived and worked. One day, Sally discovered her ability to fire laser beams. It frightened her and for a long time she avoided it after she dislocated her shoulder from using it carelessly. A year or more passed and a PEST scan from the Empire scanned the city for power users. Sally was affected and her power went out of control burning her palm.
The next days are full of significant events including Sally writing her teacher, whom she had a crush on, a love letter, and said teacher telling her she cannot reciprocate until Sally graduated and was no longer a student.
On a sunday following this, Sally went camping, when the Alkor Empire made its attack on the city and the surrounding areas.
She and her friends were captured and brought into the city to be rounded up and tested. There, Sally nearly died using her own power, but she was knocked out.
Two years passed and Sally escaped her captors in the meantime, trained her ability and toughened up considerably.
She joined the rebels and went to Alkor City to find her teacher again and reunite, no longer a student. It worked and now she stays with her ex-teacher, some happiness in her oppressed life as a hidden poweruser.

Hobbies & Talents: Books and Libraries are areas she enjoys reading in, she also likes some computer games that involve creating or building things, like cities or houses.  

Trivia: Looks younger than she is. Is in a risky but for now happy relationship with her former teacher, who is about ten years older than her. Sally's two years on the run have toughened her up and she has a lot more courage now than when she lived in New Grantham.

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